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100 Prayer List Ideas – 100 Things to Pray For

Do you ever sit down to pray but come up short on prayer list ideas?  If so, compiling a list of prayer prompts is a great way to add focus to your prayer life.

Today, we will look at 100 things to pray for to get you started.  

You can use this prayer guide by choosing several things to pray for per day or simply using one request as a starting point to lead you into deeper prayer.

God is inviting you to be his prayer warrior, and this list can lead you in powerful prayers every day of the week.

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Prayer is an integral part of deepening our relationship with God and strengthening our faith.

Whether you’re a seasoned prayer warrior or just beginning to explore the depths of prayer, this list is designed to inspire and guide you through various aspects of life, faith, and the world around us. 

From personal growth and family matters to global issues and spiritual warfare, our prayer list covers a wide range of topics, encouraging you to engage in meaningful conversations with God.

So, grab your journal, find a quiet space, and prepare to embark on a journey of prayer that will not only enrich your spiritual life but also impact the world in profound ways.

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Prayer List Ideas

The following list can be used as a guide for group prayer meetings or in your daily quiet prayer times.  

Using these prompts with a simple prayer journal can also help you develop your prayer life.  

Consider focusing on one prayer per day, writing it in your prayer journal, and adding to the prayer with specific details for your life.  

This is a great idea for those who would like deeper prayer lives but don’t know where to begin.

Additional prayer journal ideas include finding Bible verses and writing Scripture-based prayers, creating a list of names with people to pray for each day of the week, and writing a prayer of thanksgiving as well as a prayer for a specific need every day.  

Your prayer journal can be a great tool to help you go deeper in prayer.  

So, grab your journal, find a quiet space, and prepare to embark on a journey of prayer that will not only enrich your spiritual life but also impact the world in profound ways. 

Whether you are praying alone or with others, here are 100 things to pray for. 

  1. Pray for a Closer Relationship with God
  2. Pray for God to Provide for All of Your Needs
  3. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Guidance
  4. ​Pray for God’s Word to Reign in Your Life
  5. ​Pray for God to Bless You with Good Things
  6. ​Pray for God’s Grace to Abound in Your Life
  7. ​Pray for God’s Love to Transform Your Heart
  8. ​Pray for God to Carry You Through Difficult Times
  9. ​Pray for Good Health 
  10. ​Pray for Fellow Believers to Grow in Christ Jesus
  11. ​Pray for God to Bless and Guide Church Leaders
  12. ​Pray for God to Guide Our World Leaders
  13. ​Pray for God to Lead You in the Right Direction
  14. ​​Pray for a Spirit of Wisdom 
  15. ​Pray for Good Relationships to Abound in Your Life
  16. Pray for a Powerful and Intimate Prayer Life
  17. ​​Pray for Your Local Community to Encounter Christ as Lord and Savior
  18. ​Pray for God’s Love to Touch the Hearts of Your Loved Ones
  19. Pray for Your Family Members to Develop Deeper Relationships with God
  20. Pray for Your Local Church Members to Experience God More Powerfully
  21. Pray for Christ to be All and All in Your Life
  22. Pray for Freedom Over Fear
  23. Pray for God to Break Chains in Your Life
  24. ​Pray for God’s Healing Power 
  25. Pray for God to Shape Your Heart Through Your Quiet Time
  26. ​Pray That You Will Experience Powerful Prayer Time 
  27. Pray That You Will Become More Aware of God’s Presence
  28. Pray for the Blessing of Wonderful Things and Great Favor
  29. Pray That the Power of Prayer Will Transform Your Life 
  30. Pray That God Will Mold You into a Mighty Prayer Warrior
  31. Pray for a Grateful Heart on a Daily Basis
  32. Pray That God’s Joy Will Be Your Strength
  33. ​Pray for a Worshipful Spirit
  34. ​Pray for Peace to Prevail in Your Life
  35. ​Pray for Every Struggle to Lead You Closer to Christ
  36. ​Pray for God to Help You Resist a Spirit of Offense
  37. ​Pray for Hope in the Lord
  38. ​Pray for Deliverance From Evil
  39. ​Pray for a Forgiving Spirit
  40. ​Pray That You Will Experience Your Heavenly Father as Your Good Shepherd
  41. ​Pray for More Joy
  42. ​Pray That You Will Abide in Christ
  43. ​Pray for the Holy Spirit to Help You Bear Good Fruit
  44. ​Pray for the Fruit of Love to Abound in Your Life
  45. ​Pray for the Fruit of Joy to Abound in Your Life
  46. Pray for the Fruit of Peace to Abound in Your Life
  47. Pray for the Fruit of Patience to Abound in Your Life
  48. Pray for the Fruit of Kindness to Abound in Your Life
  49. Pray for the Fruit of Goodness to Abound in Your Life
  50. Pray for the Fruit of Faithfulness to Abound in Your Life
  51. Pray for the Fruit of Gentleness to Abound in Your Life
  52. Pray for the Fruit of Self-Control to Abound in Your Life
  53. Pray for Courage to Follow Christ Wholeheartedly
  54. Pray That You Will Bear Christ’s Image within Your Sphere of Influence
  55. Pray That Others Will Look to You and See God’s Light and Love
  56. Pray That You Will be God’s Vessel
  57. Pray That Others Will Ask About the Hope You Possess
  58. Pray for Opportunities to Share the Gospel
  59. Pray for the Hearts of Your Loved Ones to Be Receptive to God’s Word
  60. Pray for God to Perform Miracles in Your Life
  61. Pray for a Deeper Revelation of God’s Love
  62. Pray for a Strong Sense of Purpose 
  63. Pray That God Will Give You His Vision for Your Future
  64. Pray for Wisdom to Guide Your Loved Ones
  65. Pray That You Will Be Sold out for Christ
  66. Pray That God Will Use the Troubles in This World for Good
  67. Pray That God Will be Glorified in Your Life
  68. Pray That God Will Help You Trust Him in Confusing Times
  69. Pray That God Will Be Your Primary Source of Comfort
  70. Pray for a Spirit of Boldness
  71. Pray for an Obedient Heart
  72. Pray for Revival to Break Forth in Our World
  73. Pray for Multitudes of Lost Souls to Encounter Christ’s Love
  74. Pray for God to Call the Next Generation into His Love and Grace
  75. Pray for God to Direct Your Path
  76. Pray for God to Give You a Love of His Law
  77. Pray for Endurance
  78. Pray That You Will Not Grow Weary in Serving the Lord
  79. Pray That God Will Help You Rise Above Stress
  80. Pray That Your Priorities Will Align with God’s Priorities for You
  81. Pray for Self-Discipline
  82. Pray That Your Words, Attitudes, and Actions Will Glorify Christ
  83. Pray for Those Who Are Dealing with Chronic Illness
  84. Pray for Those Who Have Been Hurt by the Church
  85. Pray for Those Who Are Facing Rejection
  86. Pray for Those Who Feel Insecure
  87. Pray for Strength to Stand on Your True Identity
  88. Pray for Freedom From Destructive Habits
  89. Pray for Freedom From Unbalanced People Pleasing
  90. Pray for the Healing of Broken Hearts
  91. Pray for Peace to Rule Among God’s Body
  92. Pray for the Healing of the Global Church
  93. Pray That the Good News of the Gospel Will Reach the Ends of the Earth
  94. Pray for Workers to Seek God’s Harvest                        
  95. Pray for Spiritual Hunger to Expand on Earth
  96. Pray That the World Will Experience God’s Love Like Never Before
  97. Pray for God to Comfort Those Who Have Experienced Tragedies
  98. Pray for a Spirit of Integrity to Protect Our Church Leaders
  99. Pray That We Will Be Known by Our Love for One Another
  100. Pray That the “Us Vs. Them” Mentality Will Be Eradicated From the Church

Prayer list ideas are a practical and effective tool for guiding and enriching your prayer life. They serve as a reminder of the things we want to bring before God. 

Organizing your prayers into a list can help you stay focused and intentional in your prayer time, ensuring that you cover the areas of your life and the lives of others that need God’s attention and intervention.

One of the primary benefits of keeping a prayer list is that it helps you remember the people and situations you’ve committed to pray for.

This could include family members, friends, colleagues, church members, missionaries, or even national and global issues. 

By jotting down these names and situations, you’re less likely to forget them and more likely to regularly bring them before God in prayer. 

Additionally, prayer lists can be incredibly encouraging as they allow you to track God’s faithfulness over time.

As you cross off answered prayers or note how situations have evolved, you’re provided with tangible evidence of God’s work in your life and the lives of others. 

This can be especially uplifting during challenging times when you might feel like your prayers aren’t being heard.

Prayer list ideas also offer flexibility and variety in your prayer life. You can create different lists for different types of prayers – one for daily requests, another for long-term goals, and yet another for thanksgiving and praise. 

This approach can help prevent your prayer life from becoming monotonous or routine, as you can focus on different aspects of your relationship with God each day.

Incorporating prayer lists into your spiritual practice can be a simple yet powerful way to deepen your connection with God. 

Whether you prefer a traditional pen-and-paper method or a digital app, the key is to find a system that works for you and helps you stay committed to regular, thoughtful prayer.

Each item on this list is an invitation to connect with God, bringing your hopes, fears, gratitude, and desires to Him. 

The list includes prayers for personal growth, such as wisdom, patience, and understanding, as well as prayers for family and friends – for their health, protection, and success.

It also encourages you to pray for your community, for leaders and decision-makers, and for those in need.

Also, this prayer list reminds us to look beyond our immediate surroundings, urging us to pray for global issues like peace, justice, and the environment.

It calls us to intercede for the persecuted church, for missionaries spreading the gospel, and for the salvation of those who do not yet know Christ

Download free printable prayer list ideas.

In addition, the list includes prayers for spiritual growth and battles, asking for strength to overcome temptation, discernment in spiritual matters, and a deeper understanding of God’s word.

These prayer list ideas are not just a set of topics; they are a roadmap for a deeper, more intentional prayer life.

They are an opportunity to broaden the scope of your prayers and to remember that no concern is too small or too big for God. 

As you work your way through this list, you may find that some items resonate more deeply with you than others.

Feel free to spend more time on these areas, and don’t hesitate to add your personal requests and thanksgivings.

Remember, prayer is not a one-way conversation; it’s a dialogue with the Creator of the universe. 

As you present these 100 things to God, take time to listen for His response, to sense His presence, and to be guided by His Spirit. 

May this prayer list be a starting point for a richer, more dynamic prayer life, one that brings you closer to God and aligns your heart with His will.


These prayer list ideas offered plenty of things to pray for!  Above all else, let’s pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified on Earth.

Use these prayer prompts to pray in different ways on various occasions and let them lead you closer to God’s heart of love for you.

Prayer is the most excellent way to grow in intimacy with God.  He is waiting to meet with you today.

Feel free to use the prayer journal templates to get started with building your own prayer journal.

Be sure to also checkout these 21 Prayer Board Ideas to add a creative spin on growing your prayer life.

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