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12 Creative and Powerful Prayer Methods

Prayer is one of the most powerful methods of connecting with God.  When we pray, we get the opportunity to connect with the Almighty God one on one.  How amazing is that?  

There are powerful prayer methods that can help you in your prayer journey.  You don’t have to have a mediator or need any special degree to pray effectively.  All you have to do is open your mouth and let your heart reach God’s ears.

You have access to God every day and at any time. Here are some powerful prayer methods that can help you creatively pray.

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The Power of Using Different Prayer Methods

Many of us were first introduced to prayer as a child as we prayed before we went to bed at night.  I remember reciting: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep...”   You know the prayer.  

It’s a sweet, innocent prayer while kneeling beside the bed in pajamas, eyes closed and hands clenched together.  Can’t you picture it?  Though that’s a sweet memory, that method of praying may not apply to you now in this time of your life.  

As you grow older, you begin to truly understand just how powerful prayer is! And you learn different ways to pray more effectively.

You also learn that you gain so much more by doing it in different ways so it doesn’t become stagnant and monotonous.

Different Ways to Pray

Here’s some great news, there are no limits on how you can pray.  There are different ways to pray, different focuses, different lengths, and the list goes on and on. 

While discovering creative prayer methods you can deepen your relationship with God.  It challenges you to dig deeper, learn more and grow.

At my church, we have what older saints would call a “shut-in.”  It’s where we stay overnight at the church and pray, worship and praise all night.  It is life-changing.  

Well, one night our pastor broke us up into groups and tasked each group to pray and minister however God leads us for 15 minutes each.  It was absolutely amazing to see each group go forth in different ways to pray!  

We all had the same goal and produced different deliveries, that’s how creative our God is.  He provides different ways to reach his children.  Tap into one of these powerful prayer methods below and watch God move in your life.  

You will find power by developing a prayer life.  The goal is not to be perfect while praying.  The goal is just to do it.  Find what works for you and be consistent.  

Here are some different prayer methods that you might want to try!

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ACTS or PRAY Method

Try the A.C.T.S. method of prayer.  It’s easy to remember and implement.  

ACTS stands for:

  • Adoration – starting off with praise and worship towards God.  Lord, I love you.  Lord, I worship you, etc.
  • Confession – Confess your sins to God.  Ask for forgiveness.  Be open with God.
  • Thanksgiving – Thank Him for what He has done and what He is going to do in your life.  
  • Supplication – Tell God your prayer requests for yourself and others.  Share with God what’s on your heart.

Praying Scriptures

When we grow in our bible study, we can use those scriptures in our prayers.  A mentor of mine once told me that you can pray the word back to God.  

For example Lord you said in Isaiah 53:5 that by your wounds we are healed, so I’m asking you to heal my body right now.  

Isaiah 53:5 (ESV), “But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed.”

Prayer with Fasting

Another really powerful prayer method is prayer with fasting.

Fasting is the act of denying our flesh by pushing our plate back and removing all worldly distractions.  Through fasting we put our focus on God, connect with Him more impactfully and hear from Him with a clearer mind.  

Replacing your normal TV time with prayer time is a method of fasting and prayer.  Instead of going to lunch with coworkers, take that time to find a quiet place to pray.  That sacrifice will produce lasting results in your life. 

Prayer through Song

One of the best ways to set an atmosphere for your prayer time is by playing worshipful music.  

Go to YouTube and search worship music and you’ll find tons of continuous music you can play during your time with God.  

Or download your favorite worship songs to your workout playlist!

As you sing the songs, your own words can begin to flow as well.  The Bible tells us in Psalm 40:3 that God will put a new song in our mouths. 

Some of the greatest songs today were birthed from someone’s quiet time with God.

Prayer Journaling

If you enjoy journaling your thoughts or love to use a planner to jot things down, you may like prayer journaling.  It’s where you write down your prayers and heart’s desire to God every day, or at least on a consistent basis. 

Reading back through your prayer journal can be a great example of your spiritual journey.  You can go back and highlight prayers that have been answered.

Intercession Prayer Method

Intercession prayer is a form of praying for someone else. When someone is going through something, they might not have the strength to petition God on their own. 

Just like the Holy Spirit intercedes for us when we don’t have the words (Roman 8:26-27), we can selflessly pray to God on someone else’s behalf.  

Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be if it had not been for my parent’s prayers.  Thank God somebody prayed for me!

Prayer Partner

Find someone that has the same heart for God and ask them to be your prayer partner.  You can pray together, hold each other accountable and encourage each other.  

Choose someone who is trustworthy to keep secrets and Godly enough to push you in the spirit. 

Matthew 18:20 (ESV): “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” There is power in partnership.

Prayer Caravan or Prayer Envoy

Several years ago, my church held a prayer caravan around our city.  About 25 cars followed each other and completed a full circle drive through the city.  

Each car had at least 3 people, a driver, a prayer leader that focused on praying, and a recorder to write down what God may be saying.  We prayed together in our individual cars for protection, healing, crime, God’s will, etc. 

Let me tell you…It was POWERFUL! The tears rolling down my face were unstoppable.

Grab a few friends together and pray around your city and watch God move.

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Prayer Crafts

Listen, I’m a crafty person.  I mean…I do go by the title “Purple Craft Diva”, so of course, I must include some prayer crafts.  

You may be thinking, “Hey, I’m not crafty or creative.”  Well, you were created by a creative God.

We were born in the image of God who was creative enough to create the heavens and the earth.  He created every different type of flower, bug, and body of water.  That is the ultimate creativity.  

So if you were born in His image, you have that same powerful creativity running through your veins.  You just have to tap into it. 

There are tons of things you can make as a creative prayer method.  For instance, you can create bookmarks with the Lord’s prayer, decorate note cards with scriptures, sew a pillow for your prayer room, or create stickers to remind you to pray. 

The possibilities are endless.  

Get a Prayer Book

When you are unsure what to say or how to start a prayer, you can use a good book of prayers to aid you.  

I thoroughly enjoyed Beth Moore’s “Praying God’s Word.”  She has prayers listed for 14 different topics. Then the book walks you through how to create your own prayers.  I love it and refer back to it regularly.

Prayer Chain

This powerful prayer method is similar to the old chain letters people used to do back in the day.  If you remember, someone would write a letter and then mail it to someone.  Next, that person would write a letter to someone else, and on and on.  

For a prayer chain, you get a group of people and put them on a list.  The first person prays for person #2.  Then person #2 prays for person #3 and on and on.  It’s also a good exercise in intercession that we discussed previously.

Listening to God

Prayer is not just a one-way conversation.  Sometimes we need to just be quiet and listen.  God wants to speak too. For example, if you pray for direction, give God time to tell you which way to go.

Take a moment, go to a quiet place, grab your prayer journal that we discussed above, and just sit in God’s presence and allow Him to speak to you.

In Jesus’ Name

Make sure to end prayers “In Jesus’ Name.” The bible tells us that the name of Jesus is above every name and at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow.  Demons tremble at the sound of the name of Jesus.  

There is no more powerful way to seal your prayer than by praying in the name of Jesus Christ.  It gives our prayer authority to combat the devil’s plans.  

With that said, I pray your prayer time is powerful, changes situations and moves mountains…IN JESUS’ NAME!

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Get Creative with Your Prayer Time and Draw Closer to God!

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you with creative and powerful prayer methods.  I challenge you to find what works for you.  Open your heart to new ways to commune with God. 

Whether you commit to a prayer retreat for a whole weekend or need to desperately cry out to God right now, God hears you and he cares.  The prayers of the righteous avail much!

Remember, you don’t have to pray perfectly, you just need to pray.  

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Angie Sims is a full-time Church Administrator and shares about crafts and Jesus at Purple Craft Diva

Angie Sims is a full-time Church Administrator and blogs about crafts and Jesus at PurpleCraftDiva.com. 

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