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5 Powerful Prayers for Protection Against Storms and Floods

How can we pray for protection against storms and floods?

All across the planet, people experience weather storms of one kind or another. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, typhoons, and hurricanes wreak havoc and devastation as they pass through an area.

For those who are in the path of these storms and floods, it can be frightening!

The best thing we can do for them is to pray!

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How Can We Pray for Protection Against Storms and Floods

Anyone in the path of a storm is facing so many obstacles. They are worried for their safety and, of course, for the safety of their homes.

Use the prayer points to guide you in praying for anyone in the direct path of a storm:

  • Pray that the storm may spare them
  • A quick end to the storm
  • Protection against after-effects of the storm, including looters and scammers
  • If the storm does hit, pray for safety, courage, and peace
  • Pray that they may feel Gods presence in their darkest hours
  • Encouragement and faith after the storm
  • Comfort for those who lost loved ones or lost homes
  • Thanksgiving for the helpers, givers, and community that come together after a disaster
  • God’s Glory to be revealed, even in the midst of grief and chaos

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Prayers for Protection Against Storms and Floods 

While there are many ways and things to pray for when a storm hits, whether it be a tornado, hurricane, or even a bad thunderstorm, I’ve listed some specific prayers to help empower your prayers and those around you, and perhaps to give you words when you don’t know what to pray for.

May we remember that the Lord knows what’s in our hearts even if we struggle to express them.

…For your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him! Matthew 6:8 (NLT)

Prayer of Protection Against Storms

Prayer for the Storm to Stop

For anyone who may be caught right in the middle of a hurricane or other kind of storm, they are most likely praying for the storm to stop.

Use this example prayer to ask God to stop the wind and the rains of this storm so you can

Dear Heavenly Father, While we know your will is greater than our understanding, we pray if it’s your will, for this storm to spare our community or that it will cease quickly with minimal damage.

I pray for comfort, peace, and assurance as the storm passes, that you will draw us into your arms. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Prayer of Protection Against Storms

Prayer for Protection Against Storms and Floods 

When a town is facing major storms and flooding, they worry about the pending damage to their homes as well as their overall safety.

Storms can bring torrential rains which can cause massive flooding to an area. Cars can be swept away by flash floods. Homes can even be moved from their foundations by the powerful currents!

Let us pray for protection against storms and floods to ask God to spare the lives and property of those in the path of them.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for your protection over homes and people’s lives during and after this storm. I pray they will seek shelter in your arms no matter the outcome.

We know you are all-powerful. Please protect those in the storm. Please spare the homes in the path of the storm. Amen.

Prayer of Protection Against Storms

Prayer for Safety During the Storm

Personal safety is probably the thing on most people’s minds during a storm. Their own personal safety and the safety of their family. But also the safety of their elderly neighbors who may have a harder time preparing.

Let us pray for the safety of everyone who might be in the path of a storm or flooding.

Dear Heavenly Father, We know you are all-powerful. I pray for your protection of those in the storm. Give us power and courage that can only come from you.

We pray you will hide us in the shelter of your wings and no matter what happens we will remain steadfast in our faith. I pray for the protection of us and all of our neighbors. We call out your name, the only name that saves. Amen.

Prayer of Protection Against Storms

Prayer for Those Who Can’t Evacuate Before a Storm

Some people just aren’t able to evacuate before a storm hits their area for a variety of reasons.

Maybe they don’t have the finances to travel. Maybe they have pets that shelters won’t accept. Maybe they simply don’t want to leave their homes.

Regardless of the reason, let us pray for those who don’t evacuate before a storm hits their town.

Dear Heavenly Father, There are many people who did not evacuate their homes before the storm approaches. Please wrap your arms of protection around them and keep them safe as this storm passes over their homes. And give them peace during the storm to know that You are right beside them through all of it. Amen.

Prayer of Protection Against Storms

Prayer for Any Lives Lost from the Storm

In addition to the physical damage and devastation, storms and flooding can also cause the loss of life.

The families that did survive must now struggle with rebuilding their homes as well as mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Let us pray for the lives lost to the storm as well as for the families who are now in mourning.

Dear Heavenly Father, Be with those who have lost loved ones. I pray for their salvation. Give their families peace and comfort throughout the first days and in the coming years as we know time can never heal all pains. Bring comfort into their lives.

Give them strength to make it through the daily tasks of life. Bring people or resources into their lives to help and strengthen them and draw them closer to you. While we don’t understand all your ways, I pray your glory will be revealed.

Even though storms and floods can cause much fear and anxiety, always remember that God is bigger than our fears!

I hope these prayers for protection against storms and floods will help you find the words you need when a storm crosses your path, whether in your own community or in the world.

And be sure to also pray for earthquake survivors and anyone who has or is going through other natural and weather-related disasters.

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