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10 Beautiful Birthday Prayers for Loved Ones (with Images)

Are you looking for some birthday prayers to pray over your loved ones on their special day?

Everyone has a Birthday and whether we want to admit it or not, it’s always top of anyone’s list for special days each year.

Celebrating someone’s actual day of birth is a great time to gather with friends and family to focus on that special someone.

The perfect way to honor and celebrate your loved one is to present to them a beautiful birthday prayer. This prayer should be as memorable as the person you are celebrating with today.

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How Do I Pray for Someone on Their Birthday?

First of all, while there are many ways to pray for a significant someone, let’s consider how to pray based on the Bible.

Birthday prayers are like birthday blessings. You are not only thanking God for the individual, but you are also asking God to continue to bless them and their lives for years to come.

What an amazing and awesome birthday present!

Birthday Prayer Points

If you start with Birthday prayer points, it will keep you focused on the subject at hand — your Birthday guest!

Prayer Points are like prayer guidelines that direct us on what to include in our prayers. Having direction on what to include helps eliminate the possibility of keeping something important out in our public prayer.

It also helps avoid nervousness so we don’t draw a blank in front of others. The rest of your prayer can come directly from the Spirit as He guides you.

In addition, when we have something written down, we can remember our prayer points easier and use them when needed.

Find some birthday prayer points listed below that you can use for your opening prayer, whether it’s at a Birthday Party or a special gathering with family. 

  • Open the prayer by acknowledging the Lord with one of His special names
  • Thank the Lord for allowing the assembly of loved ones
  • Thank Him for the special Birthday person as you celebrate the gift of life
  • Ask Heavenly Father to oversee his/her protection in the years to come
  • Acknowledge to Him how this person has blessed you in a special way
  • Close the Birthday Prayer in the name of Jesus. 
a birthday card with happy birthday written inside

How to Use Birthday Prayers

There are so many ways to use these birthday prayers! Seriously! You are only limited by your own creativity and imagination!

But a few ideas include:

  • Instead of just signing a store-bought birthday card, you can add a birthday blessing prayer to it as well!
  • Write it on a small notecard that you attach to their birthday gift.
  • Turn it into an actual birthday gift by having engraved on something or printed and framed.
  • Share it on their preferred social media.
  • Send it as a text.

Again, these are just a handful of ways to use birthday prayers. You might even have it sent as a singing telegram!

Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Loved Ones

Now it’s time to bless your family members with the Lord’s mercy and grace on this exceptional person.

In order to make someone feel amazing on their notable occasion, don’t forget to praise them for their gifts from God and compliment on any or many positive elements about themselves that you’ve noticed today or in the past. 

Be sure to also include an encouraging birthday Bible verse!

Here are some beautiful birthday prayers you can use to bless your loved one today!

Birthday Prayer

Short Birthday Prayers for Anyone

Need some short Birthday Prayers for a Birthday Party or fun celebration and you want to say something quick yet profound?

Here are some great examples of short Birthday Prayers that you can use for anyone.

While they may be generic, you can add a special touch to each one of them before ending the prayer. 

Dear Lord, thank you for _________ , he/she has been such a special blessing to us and we are so thankful for their presence in our lives. Bless him/her with your presence for the many days to follow. Amen.

Lord, we ask that you shower our special loved one with your many blessings today and his/her bright future ahead. He/She has spread so much joy in our family, and we know you can only provide the best blessings in life. Amen.

Birthday Prayer

Lord, what an amazing person you’ve brought into our lives and we are so grateful for their love and positive spirit in this family. Bless him/her today and the many years ahead. Amen.

Father, we are so grateful for our beloved _________, who has been such an amazing servant for our family. Without their presence, life wouldn’t be the same and we wish them the best Birthday and beautiful life. Amen.

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayers for Husband

Your husband is someone you know the best and the one who needs encouragement from you the most – and you should pray for your husband daily.

We tend to get caught up in the daily grind with our partners, so make this day for your significant other a memorable day with a loving and honoring prayer.

Here is an example birthday prayer for your husband.

Dear Lord, I am so thankful for my husband, I can’t begin to explain how much he has meant to me these past few years/months. You put him in my life for a significant reason, and words can’t express my deep appreciation for this man I call my husband. As the love of my life, you’ve given him so many wonderful gifts he uses each and every day. Thank you, Lord, for these wonderful days I’ve spent with him and the days to follow. Amen.

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayers for Wife

Having a wife is a good thing, as the Bible says. Let’s shower our spouse with praise and adoration on her special Birthday celebration.

It’s easy to take our spouse for granted at times, so use this unique time to commend them for their sacrifice and any positive attributes you can deliver in this prayer to the Lord.

Use this example birthday prayer for your wife!

Dear Lord, as we celebrate my beautiful wife’s birthday, I want to reflect today on how appreciative I am for her. First, thank you, Heavenly Father, for such a wonderful servant of yours. I am so grateful and humbled that you have allowed me to call her my wife all these years. I can’t even fathom what life would be like without her. She is beautiful, selfless, and sacrifices everything for me. She works so diligently in our home and to please me and others. Today, we celebrate a wonderful woman with godly qualities I won’t find anywhere else. Amen.

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayers for Mom

Mothers are such a wonderful blessing and they need to be reminded every once in a while of their kindness and sacrificial love for their kids these remaining years.

The many kisses they showered us with when we were young, the cleaning and cooking they prepared for our meals each and every day, and their amazing and loving friendship developed during your younger years. 

Dear Lord, we are so grateful for our mother, all of the sacrifice, time, and service she has provided for me and our family. We can always count on Mom to be there for a shoulder to cry on, or when we need a hot meal or advice on the countless problems we’ve faced. Without our Mother, we wouldn’t have achieved so many of our goals. Without our Mother, we wouldn’t be our best selves. Without the Lord providing us with the perfect Mother, we wouldn’t be the person we are today. Amen.

Without Moms, we wouldn’t be the person we are today so we should pray for our mothers every day, including her birthday.

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayers for Dad

If you have a father, consider yourself very blessed! Fathers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Taking care of the family is a huge sacrifice including a ton of time, money, and resources.

Dear Lord, my Father has turned another year today and we are so grateful for another 365 days of love, affection, and selflessness. Today, we want to celebrate our Dad as we remember his loving and kind words, help with many projects, and his financial sacrifice we could never repay. Please bless him with many gifts today and great health in the years to follow. Amen.

Take advantage of this special occasion to promote your father’s services to you and your family all of these years. Each day with your earthly father is a blessing, so let’s celebrate his life today.

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayers for Your Son

Sons are a gift and a heritage of the Lord. They bring special meaning and purpose to a mother and father’s life.

If you have a son and you’d like to share great praise today with other loved ones, here is a beautiful Birthday Prayer to communicate today as you celebrate the blessing of a son. 

Father, we are so touched to have such a wonderful son. As we celebrate the exciting day of his birth, we thank you for giving such a wonderful gift we don’t deserve. We are blessed with a son who is kind, generous, and hard-working. Thank you, Lord, for each and every day we have with him and we ask for many more days ahead. Amen.

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayers for Your Daughter

Praying for your daughter is such an honor and privilege when coming before the throne. You are truly blessed to have a beautiful girl who brings such joy and wonder in a family.

Dear Father, we are so grateful to you, Lord, for providing us a wonderful godly daughter. She has brought so much meaning to our lives. She is such a beauty we adore and honor today and feel so blessed to have her in our family. Her love, warmth, and smiles will carry us through the whole day. Her kind words, sweet spirit, and sacrificial service for our family are appreciated. Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughter, our pride and joy we truly love and enjoy. Amen.

Your adorable girl deserves praise today as she is the King’s daughter. Let’s recognize her amazing personality and godly attributes today with happiness, joy, and celebration. 

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayers for Your Sister

Got a sister? Whether it’s a blood sister or a sister in Christ, it’s a joy to have a loving sister who you can share anything with whether it’s a tough day, relationship issues, or just a shoulder to cry on.

Lord, I love my sister and am so grateful for the wonderful memories we have together in our childhood and adulthood years. I adore her amazing traits of caring, confidence, and kindness to her family for all of these years. I am blessed with her helpfulness, guidance, and wise words and ask special blessings upon her Birthday today and much health and happiness in the future. Amen.

God gave you this sister for a special reason, so enjoy her wonderful Birthday together, and don’t forget to give a commemorative prayer that honors her on this very special occasion.  

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayers for Your Brother

Having a brother provides comfort like no other. He is a great protector for his siblings and gives great advice when siblings need it.

Romans 3:8 talks about loving one another as brothers, so our relationship with siblings is unique and exceptional.

Dear Lord, my brother has been such a wonderful blessing to me and my family. He is a faithful friend. As the Bible reminds us that a Brother is born for adversity, he has made me stronger and has strengthened my life in many ways. Thank you for his wisdom and witty words as I will never forget the beautiful memories I cherish with my brother and friend. Amen.

Use this birthday prayer to honor your brother today!

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayers for Your Best Friend

If you have a best friend, you are truly blessed. Your relationship with a friend is closer than a brother, according to Proverbs 18:24.

We should pray for our friends as a matter of habit.

Making your remarkable friend a day she never forgets is possible. Devoting a special prayer and asking God to provide your friend’s needs and spread many blessings upon her life is truly a wonderful gift.

Here is a Birthday Prayer for your Best Friend.

Holy Father, I am so honored to speak before you today on a special occasion – my best friend’s Birthday. She has been such a wonderful friend and confidant who I admire, adore, and am amazed at her many talents. I’m so thankful today, Lord, for her commitment to you. Please shower her today with an abundance of blessings and the years to follow. Amen.

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

As we spoil our loved ones on their amazing Happy Birthday, let’s focus our Birthday Prayers on them today.

As we honor and uplift their talents, gifts, and impact in our lives, let’s not forget how the Holy One can make their day even more memorable and life-changing.

God placed them in our lives for a reason, so let’s thank Him for such a wonderful family we are blessed to serve and grow spiritually within our remaining years and the next life to come. 

Be sure to download and share the birthday prayer images that are found throughout this post!

Beautiful Birthday Prayers
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