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10 Powerful Prayers for March

What should we pray for in March?

In many areas of the world, March is a season of new awakenings.  The earth begins to thaw after dark months buried beneath autumn’s fallen canopy.  The long, cold months have mostly passed, and the season ahead is full of hope and potential.

March is a season of restoration for God’s created world.  The trees begin to sprout tiny bulbs, and the skunk cabbage emerges through the soil.

Families emerge from their homes to plant bulbs and prepare backyard gardens.  Children strip off winter coats and run through the afternoon sunshine.  Neighbors return to the evening routines of dog walks and porch sitting.

Let’s look at ten powerful prayers for March as we prepare our hearts for this hopeful shift in seasons.

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Prayers for March

March prayers often include topics of renewal and new life.

Springtime is a reminder that God will one day make all things new.  He will restore our fallen world and redeem his children and his creation.

Regardless of whether this new month feels hopeful or discouraging, these prayers for March can help prepare your heart for what God has in store for you.

Prayer for March

Thanksgiving Prayer for March

In his letter to the Thessalonian church, the Apostle Paul reminded God’s people to give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18).  As we approach this new month, it’s important to remember to approach it thankfully in prayer.

We can thank God for who he is and thank him for his blessings in our lives.  We can thank him for the gifts of the past month and thank him for the blessings he has prepared for us in the new month. 

Here is an example of a thanksgiving prayer for March.

“Father, thank you for carrying us through life’s winter seasons and for bringing us into new springtime seasons of hope. 

Thank you for the lessons you teach us in the winter seasons: lessons like endurance, rest, perseverance, and trust.  Thank you for the blessings you have prepared for the season ahead. 

Most of all, thank you that your character and love never change.  Amen.”

Prayer for March

New Month Prayer for March

New months are wonderful opportunities to start fresh.  We turn our calendars and discover clean pages full of opportunities. 

Just as God’s mercies are new every morning, his blessings are renewed with every new beginning.  Here is a powerful prayer for the new month.

“Lord God, thank you that your mercies are new every morning.  Thank you that we can claim this promise as we begin a new month. 

We leave behind the trials and troubles of the previous month and step into this new month with our eyes fixed on you.  Help us to glorify and honor you with this fresh start.  Amen.”

Prayer for March

Restoration Prayer for March

Just as God’s mercies are new at the beginning of a new month, God is also waiting to restore us.  He is our healer, deliverer, and the lifter of our heads.  Here is a restoration prayer for March:

“Lord God, just as you restore your creation in the springtime, thank you for your desire to restore our hearts, bodies, souls, and minds. 

We receive your restorative power and trust you to transform our hearts, bind up our wounds, and breathe life into the dry parts of our spirits.  Amen.”

Prayer for March

March Prayer for Family

March is often a season of transition for families.  Families with children shift into spring sports seasons and prepare for the final stretch of the school year. 

The quiet family rhythms of winter shift into the faster pace of springtime.

Here is a prayer for your family:

“Father, thank you for the change of seasons and the way this influences our family’s rhythms.  We ask you to guide us this month. 

Help us extend grace to one another as we adjust to the shifting seasons.  Help us continue with endurance as and enjoy these changing seasons.  Amen.”

Prayer for March

March Prayer for Friends

Praying for our friends is important.  When we pray for our friends, God works in our hearts to deepen our love for them.  He also responds to our prayers by moving in our friends’ lives!

Here is a prayer for friends at the beginning of this new month:

“God, thank you for our friends.  We pray you will continue to work in their lives and draw them deeper into your love. 

Bless our friends with deep joy, peace, and provision.  Give us eyes to see the hidden needs of our friends and give us hearts to love them and serve them as your hands and feet.  Amen.”

Prayer for March

Spring Renewal Prayer for March

March is a beautiful season of renewal.  As the world around us awakens, God wants to awaken the sleeping parts of our hearts and lead us deeper into his love.

Here is a renewal prayer for March:

“Father, thank you for the way you draw us into your love.  Thank you for your forgiveness and the gift we find at the foot of the cross. 

Because you sent your precious Son to die and receive the punishment we deserve, we can approach you boldly and receive your renewal. 

Renew our hearts and minds as we aim to serve you and glorify you with our lives this month.  Amen.”

Prayer for March

March Prayer for Prosperity

Psalm 84:11 reads, “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless” (NIV). 

God wants to bless us and provide for us.  He does not hold back any good thing for those of us who are found blameless in Christ.  We can claim this promise as we pray the following prayer for prosperity:

“Lord God, thank you for being our Provider.  We ask you to bless us with prosperity so that we might expand your kingdom. 

We want to bless others to the degree that you have blessed us.  Expand our territories so that we might make your love known to the ends of the earth.  Amen.”

Prayer for March

Financial Blessings Prayer for March

God cares about every detail of our lives, including our finances.  Jesus talked about money frequently when he walked on the earth. Here is a prayer for financial blessings at the beginning of this new month:

“Father God, thank you for providing for us.  We look at much of the world and see that we are wealthy compared to those who don’t even have running water. 

Thank you for your blessings.  We ask that you continue to bless us financially so that we might share your abundance with others and bring glory to your name.  Amen.”

Prayer for March

March Prayer for Health

Winter is cold and flu season in many areas.  By the time March arrives, everyone is ready for good health.

Whether you need prayers for a chronic condition or are simply weary from cold and flu season, here is a prayer for health:

“God, thank you for being our healer.  We ask you to surround us with your protection and guard us against illness. 

Heal the infirmities and conditions that have been hindering us, cover us with your protective hand, and work in our bodies to restore our health.  Amen.”

Prayer for March

March Prayers for Joy and Peace

God wants to bless his children with joy and peace.  Jesus promised us abundance in life, which surely includes joy and peace.

Here is a March prayer for joy and peace to reign in our lives:

“Lord Jesus, thank you for the promise that we can have abundance as we follow you. 

We ask you to fill us with the peace that passes understanding and joy unspeakable as we continue to seek you and live for you. 

May our lives overflow with your goodness so that others are drawn into your love through us.  Amen.”

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

As we move into this new month, it’s important to remember that God goes before us.  Nothing that comes our way this month will surprise God.  He has gone ahead of us, and he walks beside us and behind us.

Allow these truths to fill you with hope and peace no matter what you are facing this new month.

God wants to lead you deeper into his love and help you grow in trust.  Thank him that every trial you face this month will be an invitation to press close to him and know him more intimately.  Additionally, every blessing is a gift directly from his hand. 

Most of all, remember that he will never leave your side.  Watch for him, and he will reveal himself to you.

10 Prayers to Pray for the Month of March

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