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13 Inspiring New Month Prayers and Blessings

Beginning each new month with a prayer is a powerful way to set your focus on God as you step into the opportunities ahead of you. 

By starting your month with your attention fixed on God, you are more likely to stay in step with him throughout the remainder of the month.

Turning the calendar to a new month feels like a fresh start.  The days span wide before us—full of possibilities and potential. 

There is no better time to lift our hearts in prayer than at the start of new beginnings—including new months.

God wants us to pray because he longs for deeper relationships with each of us.  Keep this in mind as you offer these new month prayers to him. 

He is pleased when you seek his face with a pure heart, give thanks to him, and present your requests to him with a hopeful heart.

Imagine God’s pleasure as you speak these words to him and offer him the gift of your love and devotion each month. 

He longs to spend time with you, and as you spend time in his presence, he can shape you from the inside out.

These new month prayers are designed to prepare your heart for the events you might face in each new month. 

Pray these new month prayers and blessings as you turn the calendar to each new month and then watch to see the way God moves in your life throughout the month.


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New Month Prayers and Blessings

Your new month prayers can draw from the lessons learned throughout past months or offer requests for a fresh start at each new beginning. 

You might pray for God’s divine protection over your loved ones or simply lift the desires of your heart before his glorious throne.

As you pray for each new month, consider what might await you in the coming weeks. 

Will you be facing any major transitions?  Will you be traveling, visiting with loved ones, or facing any medical situations? 

If so, use this time to pray for these events. 

Use the suggested prayers below as guides to help you pray, but don’t be afraid to add to these prayers and talk to God about your specific circumstances. 

New Month Prayer and Blessings 1

God loves spending time with you and wants to hear what’s on your mind.

The following prayer is a sample of an actual prayer that could be prayed for any of the 12 months:

“Dear Lord, thank you for going ahead of me into this new month.  No matter what comes my way this month, I pray that I will find rest in the comfort of your presence. 

May every hardship lead me closer to you, and may every joyful moment lead me to worship and praise you even more.  Thank you for lighting the path before me and walking with me into this new beginning.

I commit to continue seeking you for guidance, comfort, and support, and I pray that your love will overflow from my heart as I share your hope with others. Amen.”

Now, let’s look at 12 additional prayers for each specific month of the year. 

May these prayers bless you and lead you closer to the Father’s heart of love.

New Month Prayer and Blessings for January

January is a special month because it marks the beginning of the new year. 

This is a great time to pray for new beginnings and God’s direction throughout the upcoming year.  God wants to direct your footsteps and help you navigate the year ahead with his help.

God also wants to guide you and lead you deeper into his love throughout this year. 

Allow January to be a springboard into a year of spiritual growth by asking God to lead you deeper into his love and help you encounter him in more meaningful and life-giving ways.

New Month Prayer and Blessings for January

Pray that you will remain focused on Jesus throughout the upcoming year and ask God to align the desires of your heart with his will for your life. 

God is pleased when we seek him in all things, and this is a powerful prayer to pray.

God also cares about every detail in our lives.  Ask God to care for the details that are on your heart at the start of this new year. 

Pray for him to bless your health, your family members, your ambitions, your career, and your decisions. 

Here is a prayer to help you get started:

“Lord God, thank you for this new month and the start of a fresh new year. 

As we begin this new month and new year, I pray that you will bless me with good health, abundant blessings, and many good things. 

Help me to seek you and find you as I seek you with my whole heart.  I pray that my life will bring you glory and point to you as I share your hope with others. 

Please guide me as I make decisions, invest in relationships, and pursue the dreams you have put in my heart this year.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for February

February is a challenging month for many people.  The newness of winter and the new year have worn thin, and winter is in full force. 

At the start of this new month, pray for the endurance to continue walking with God and fulfilling his will. 

Pray that the commitments you made at the start of the new year last month will carry over into this new month. 

God wants to help you press through the winter seasons of life and equip you to fulfill his will.  He is reminding you not to grow weary in doing good.  You will reap a harvest if you don’t give up.

New Month Prayer and Blessings for February

Winter is a reminder that our lives go through seasons of fruitfulness and dormancy. 

If your life feels dormant—if you are in a season of slow growth, spiritual dryness, or waiting—don’t lose heart.  God is with you, and he often does his greatest work in our hearts during the darkest seasons.

Here is a prayer to pray for February:

“Father God, as we begin this new month, I pray for the tenacity to stick with the commitments I made in the previous month. 

I ask you to shower me with new blessings throughout this beautiful new month and help me to see the gifts that February brings. 

Please work in my life beyond my wildest dreams as I trust you to do a new thing in me this month. 

I commit to following you with my whole heart, and I trust that you will help me bear fruit in your perfect timing.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for March

March marks the beginning of springtime in many parts of the world.  It is a month of new blessings as the first signs of life return to the land.

The grass begins to slowly turn green. Songbirds return from their winter migrations, and days grow longer. 

These hopeful shifts can inspire our prayers and fill our hearts with the hope of God’s new mercies.

March is a wonderful time of year to focus on hope and embrace a fresh start.

New Month Prayer and Blessings for March

It is a blessed time of year for moving beyond the heavy burdens of our winter seasons and launching into new endeavors.

God wants to shower his blessings upon you as the March rain showers begin to fall.  He wants to fill your life with good things, and he chases you down with his goodness and mercy.

Here is a prayer to pray when you turn the calendar to March:

“Dear Lord, thank you for this new day and the hope of springtime.  I pray that as this season changes, you will fill my heart with your fresh hope. 

Help me to be a carrier of hope to the world around me as I share your love with those who are discouraged and hurting. 

Open my eyes to the new doors of opportunity you are waiting to open, and I will gladly follow you! 

I step into this new month with a hopeful, joyful heart and eagerly anticipate the good work you want to do in my life. Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for April

April is a beautiful month in many places.  The slow shift into springtime explodes in vibrant green as spring flowers emerge and the canopy of deciduous foliage begins to sprout. 

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This is a good month to focus on the grace of God. 

God’s grace is his unmerited favor and his work in our lives to accomplish what we cannot do in our human strength.

As you watch the world come alive, thank God for his grace. 

Ask him to set you free in the places where you’ve been feeling stuck. 

New Month Prayer and Blessings for April

He is waiting to open doors no human hand can open, and he wants to help you grow and flourish.

God is pleased when his children come to him in weakness and ask to experience his grace.  Here is a prayer to pray for April:

“Father God, thank you for this blessed month of new life emerging on the earth.  We are reminded of the resurrection and the new life we have in Christ. 

In Jesus’ name, we pray that you will bring good tidings into our lives as you impart your grace. 

Help us to find freedom in the places where we feel stuck, and open doors we cannot open on our own. 

We look forward to experiencing your goodness and mercy as you pursue us with these gifts.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for May

May is a wonderful month for soaking in God’s goodness.  Winter is a distant memory, and summer is near. 

When we turn our calendars to May, we celebrate the coming months of growth and fruitfulness. 

We can claim God’s blessings and cling to his new hope for the coming season.

New Month Prayer and Blessings for May

As you prepare for May, look at your calendar.  Will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this month? 

Consider praying blessings over your mother.

Will you be traveling or enjoying the warmer weather in new ways?  Pray over these shifts in your schedule.

God is with you, and he wants to bless you this month.  Here is a prayer for God’s blessings this May:

“Dear Lord, at the beginning of a new month, it’s hard to know what to expect. 

However, you’ve seen the end of this month from the beginning, and you know what lies ahead.  This May, I ask you to lead me to greater heights in my relationship with you. 

Help me to make the most of my days as the daylight lasts longer and I spend more time outside. 

I pray that I will glorify your name this month as I live as your vessel of love to the world around me.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for June

June is the first month of summer in the northern hemisphere. 

For many families, this month includes shifts into new schedules.  Children return home from school, and it is a time for vacations and outdoor fun.

On the first day of this new month, pray for your family members to make the transition into summer with ease. 

Pray that you will make the most of your days and embrace the wonderful moments spent outside enjoying God’s creation. 

New Month Prayer and Blessings for June

God’s presence is always with us; however, this is also a good time to pray for a greater awareness of his presence. 

When dealing with noisy households and busy summer schedules, staying connected to God is vital.

Ask God to help you listen to him as you extend patience to the children in your life. 

Talk to him about your travel plans and seek him as you fill your days with outdoor summer fun. 

Even if you will be working indoors throughout most of this month, ask God to help you find joy in the longer, warmer days.

Here is a prayer for the beginning of June:

“Father God, thank you for the start of summer this month. 

As we transition into this new season, fill us with the hope of even better days ahead.  We want to make the most of our time and accomplish great things for your kingdom.

Fill us with your love so that we might extend grace, kindness, and care to our loved ones this summer. 

Help us to savor these long summer days and embrace the fun and whimsical moments ahead.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for July

July is the heart of summer.  For many families, July includes long afternoons spent splashing in swimming pools, evenings spent catching fireflies, and cookouts with friends and loved ones. 

As you turn the calendar to this new month, pray that family and friend gatherings will foster strong connections, meaningful bonds, and deeper relationships. 

Also, pray for joy to abound throughout the long summer days and ask God to help you remain aware of his presence with you. 

God wants to help you extend kindness to the loved ones who live within the walls of your home, and he will enable you to offer gentleness and care to them this summer.

New Month Prayer and Blessings for July

If you will be vacationing this month, pray for God’s protection and ask him to help you make wonderful memories. 

If you will be visiting with family, ask God to help you carry his love into these situations as he unites hearts.  This summer can be a time of healing and restoration for old family wounds and past hurts.

Perhaps you feel alone this July.  If this is the case, ask God to lead you to other people who might become like family to you. 

With neighborhood picnics and summer community events, summer is a great time to connect with others and make new friends in our communities.

Here is a new month prayer to pray for July:

“Dear Lord, thank you for this month of warmth, fun, and memory-making.  Please help me to make the most of my moments. 

Lead me to deeper and more meaningful conversations with others as we spend time together. 

Help me to embrace the moments with my friends and loved ones and deepen our relationships. 

I also pray that my relationship with you will flourish as I continue to seek and find you in fresh ways.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for August

August ushers in the end of the summer months for many families. 

Children prepare to return to school.  College students and teachers return to their classrooms as well.  A hint of coolness often foreshadows the autumn months to come.

As you enter into August, you might begin praying for the fall transition. 

Pray that the events of summer will conclude with a sense of accomplishment.  Pray that the end-of-summer activities will be infused with joy.

Praying good wishes for the students and teachers in your community is also a powerful way to bless others this August. 

Pray that God will reveal himself to the students and equip the teachers with endurance, kindness, patience, focus, and a sense of purpose. 

New Month Prayer and Blessings for August

Ask God to help the students as they adjust to the structure and routines of school, which can be challenging for many students.

God also wants to bless this last full month of summer and reveal himself to you.  In his faithfulness, he wants to shower you with his love. 

Your heartfelt prayers can help you connect with his love.

Here is a prayer for the first morning of August:

“Good morning, Father.  My heart overflows with joy as I embrace these thoughtful and happy new month prayers each month. 

Today, I pray that you will shower your blessings upon the teachers and students in our community at the start of this new month. 

Prepare them for the year of learning ahead and use this year to lead them deeper into your love. 

I also pray for a peaceful transition into this new season in my own life.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for September

September is the first month of autumn.  The changes that began to appear in August come to fruition in September. 

The weather begins to change, and for many, the pace of summer shifts to a different autumn pace.

Students and teachers settle into the school year.  Fall sports are underway for student-athletes and their families.  For many, life is busy, and schedules are full. 

As you pray for this month, pray that you will carry the good news of the Gospel into the places you visit. 

Ask God to make you his vessel so that his love will flow through you and transform the hearts of the people you meet each day. 

God wants to use you as a conduit of his living, breathing love, and he is inviting you to be his hands, feet, and voice to a hurting world.

Also, pray for joy to abound as you lift your happy new month prayers before the throne of God. 

New Month Prayer and Blessings for September

Joy is contagious, and as your joy for the Lord overflows, others will be drawn into his love through you.  Pray that God will fill your heart with the joy that comes from spending time in his presence. 

Perhaps your schedule is open, and you feel alone this September. 

If so, use this month as a time to enjoy the cooler days and the slow shift toward autumn.  God is with you, and he wants to bless you and reveal himself to you in new ways. Here is a prayer for September:

“Dear heavenly Father, at the start of a new month, we look ahead with happy new month wishes and longings for joy to fill our hearts. 

Please provide opportunities to share your love and your good news with others. 

Help us embrace the fulfillment you offer when our lives are dedicated to your service and surrendered to you. 

Prepare our hearts for the autumn months ahead and surround us with your presence.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for October

October is a beautiful month of transition in many parts of the world. 

The leaves are splashed with vermillion and golden amber.  The air is cool, and the farmers are busy bringing in the summer bounty from their fields.

This is a month for visiting orchards and pumpkin patches.  It is a month for hayrides and campfires. 

As you prepare to embrace the crisp autumn days, ask God to fill your heart with a sense of awe.

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Allow God’s created world to inspire you and uplift you. 

Soak in the glory of the season and enjoy God’s abundant blessings.  God’s blessings always surround us; however, we are often too hurried to slow down and notice his goodness.

New Month Prayer and Blessings for October

Many of life’s great achievements come when we learn to slow down and enjoy God’s blessings all around us. 

October is one of the best months to pray for opportunities to slow your pace and embrace God’s good gifts.

Here is a prayer for October:

“Lord God, thank you for the abundant blessings you shower upon my life. 

As we transition to this new month, please help us to become more aware of your gifts and your goodness toward us. 

Help us to lift our eyes in wonder and gratitude as we notice the autumn leaves and enjoy the cool, crisp days of fall. 

May this be a month of plenty, and may we experience your provision in rich and bountiful ways.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for November

In many parts of the world, November is a month for giving thanks. 

Families gather together for holiday celebrations as the air becomes cooler.  In some places, the first snowflakes begin to fall in November.

During this month, we can focus on cultivating grateful hearts. 

By stepping back to thank God for his many gifts in our lives and enjoying the blessing of loved ones, we can infuse our lives with joy.

New Month Prayer and Blessings for November

God’s Word reminds us to give thanks in all circumstances, and November is a good month to practice thanking God as a regular part of our daily prayer routines.

Take time to savor the shift of the seasons, the joy of gathering around tables with loved ones, and the excitement of the holiday season this November. 

Here is a prayer to pray when you turn the calendar to November:

“Father God, thank you for this month of celebration and gratitude. 

You surround us with so many wonderful gifts, and your greatest gift is the gift of your Son.  Thank you for sending your Son to live among us and die for us so that we can have fellowship with you. 

Help us to live with grateful hearts as we reflect on all you’ve done for us. 

Please bless this month with wonderful conversations with our loved ones, sweet times of fellowship, and moments of abundant joy.  Amen.”

New Month Prayer and Blessings for December

December is a busy month for many people.  This full month often includes traveling to visit loved ones, shopping for gifts, baking, and preparing to celebrate Christmas.

Some families embrace special December traditions, such as celebrating Advent and spending extra time focusing on the Lord.

December is also a month of reflection for many of us. 

We look back on the past year and assess whether we reached our goals.  When we realize that we fell short of certain dreams and goals, December can also be a discouraging month.

Dear friend, if December is difficult for you this year, remember that your loving heavenly Father wants you to draw near to him and pour your heart out to him. 

Press close to him, and he will help you commit your way to him and fulfill the desires of your heart.

He loves you unconditionally, and his plans for you are good and full of hope.  Don’t lose heart if the year has been challenging or if the Christmas season is difficult for you this year. 

New Month Prayer and Blessings for December

God hasn’t missed a moment of your journey, and he will carry you through this month and into the new year.

His arm is not too short to intervene in your circumstances for your good and his glory (see Romans 8:38-39). 

He takes great delight in you, dances over you with shouts of joy, and wants to work in your life in ways that far exceed your wildest dreams. 

Here is a prayer to pray for December:

“Lord God, thank you for walking with me and going before me throughout the past year. 

As I reflect on the year, I thank you for the gifts you brought into my life.  Thank you for opening the right doors of opportunity and closing the wrong ones. 

Please help me to trust you as I face disappointments from the past year and help me to cultivate a spirit of gratitude as I celebrate the birth of your Son and prepare for the upcoming year.  Amen.”

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Seeking God’s face as you step into each new month of the year can help you shift your perspective to the eternal instead of focusing on temporal circumstances.

By dedicating the month to the Lord, watching for his blessings, and soaking in his goodness, you position yourself to start each month with peace and hope.

God is with you and goes ahead of you into every new month. 

Nothing that happens will catch him by surprise, startle him, or shake him.  No matter what you face, cling to the Lord and remind yourself that his ways are higher than your ways. 

The start of a new month is a great time to thank God for his provision in previous months.  It’s also a good time to thank him for his attributes and fix your eyes on his constant goodness.

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God wants to bless you, shower his favor upon you, and reveal himself to you in ways that transform your life.

Turn to him when you turn your calendar, and he will reveal himself.  He will shine the light on the path in front of you, direct your footsteps, and carry you when life becomes difficult. 

You can trust that his presence will go with you, and he waits to fill you with the peace that passes understanding.

When the future feels uncertain, we can rest in God’s love and sovereignty.  He goes before us and delights in making the way clear for us. 

In addition to praying over each new month, here are some daily prayers to pray over each day of the week.

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