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10 Inspiring Autumn Prayers

Are you looking for some Autumn prayers to reflect upon the changing landscape and season ahead?

The autumn months are a time of transition in many parts of the world.  

As the seasons change and the golden leaves wave in the breeze, the changing of the seasons can be a gentle reminder to seek the Lord.  

The glory of the fall foliage reminds us of the creativity of our heavenly Father.  

As we stand in awe of the brilliant fall colors and embrace the cooler, shorter days, we find space to press into God’s love and lift our hearts in prayerful adoration.

As you experience the shift into the fall season this year, allow the transition to prompt you to pray.  

When you drive past a farmer harvesting crops, thank God for his provision in your life.  

As you stroll through the community park and admire the colorful canopy overhead, thank God for his goodness and kindness.

Allow the glory of the season to stir your affection for the Lord.

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Autumn Prayers

In Scripture, the Apostle Paul reminded the Ephesian church to pray at all times and on all occasions (see Ephesians 6:18).  

Following this command, we can use the changing seasons as prompts reminding us to thank God for his gifts in our lives.

No matter what you are facing this autumn—whether you’re sailing beneath sunny skies or navigating a dark valley of trouble—God is with you.  

He has promised never to leave you or forsake you (see Deuteronomy 31:6).  Let the following prayers lead you closer to his heart of love for you.

Autumn Prayer for Joy

“God of autumn, as we embrace the autumn chill and misty mornings shrouded in fog, we ask you to fill our hearts with joy.  

Help us to navigate this transition into shorter, cooler days with joyful and thankful hearts.  May joy radiate from us in the same way that the brilliant colors of the leaves radiate from the trees.  Amen.”

Autumn Prayer

God’s Word calls us to be joyful always.   Autumn is a wonderful time to let the beauty of the created world stir your heart and fill you with joy.  

As watch the sun sink beneath the horizon, pick pumpkins from the muddy earth, or sit around a crackling campfire, soak in God’s goodness.  Let the joy of the Lord fill you with strength.  

In many parts of the world, summer and winter linger for many months.  

The transitions between these seasons often last only a few weeks.  Embrace every moment of the short fall transition and pray for God’s joy to fill your heart.

Autumn Prayer for Empty Seasons

“Heavenly Father, thank you for being the God of the seasons.  As we experience a new touch of coolness in the air and adjust to the earlier setting of the sun, we are reminded that you change the seasons of our lives as well.  

Help us to trust you in our empty seasons as well as our full seasons.  Help us to experience your love and goodness in the seasons of abundance as well as the seasons of scarcity.  Amen.” 

Autumn Prayer

Perhaps this autumn doesn’t feel abundant to you.  Maybe you recently lost a loved one, or possibly this time of year elicits difficult memories.  If this is the case, draw near to God.

God wants to meet you in your empty season and bring you comfort.  Allow the changing season to soften your heart and lead you into your loving Father’s outstretched arms.  He is waiting.

Autumn Prayer for Fruitfulness

“Creator God, thank you for harvest moon nights, the fall harvest, and red leaves all around us. You are the God of the harvest, and fall makes us think about bearing fruit in our lives.  

Help us to stay close to you and abide in you so that we might glorify you through the fruit we bear.  Amen.”

Autumn Prayer

As the signs of the summer fade with the shortening of days, fall is the season of harvest.  Farmers are harvesting their crops.  Vegetable gardens bear the last fruit of the season.

This fruit-bearing is a good reminder to continue to abide in Christ so that our lives will bear good fruit, too (see John 15:4).  

As you drive past farm stands and freshly harvested fields of crops, ask God to help you stay close to him so that your life will bear good fruit for his glory. 

Autumn Prayer of Gratitude

“O God of Creation, thank you for the autumn season. Thank you for cool, rainy days as well as days when the sun shines warm upon our skin.  

We embrace the scent of freshly fallen leaves outside and the aroma of pumpkin spice wafting through the stores and other public places.  Thank you for this glorious time of year.  Amen. 

Autumn Prayer

By giving thanks to God for the gifts that come with autumn, we can shift from stress and anxiety to peace and joy.  

Simply slowing down to notice the autumn decorations in your community and the scent of pumpkin spice filling the air can lead you to prayers of gratitude.

As you thank God for the gifts of autumn, allow this gratitude to fill your heart with thankfulness for all of his gifts in your life.

Autumn Prayer for New Beginnings

“God of misty days, we come to you with our prayer requests today and thank you for the change of seasons.   Autumn is a season of new beginnings in many ways, and we ask you to bless us and make the way clear ahead of us.  

Help our children adjust to the new school year, prepare our hearts and minds for the winter season ahead, and help us to embrace this new beginning with eager hearts.  Amen.”

Autumn Prayer

New beginnings are a natural part of any seasonal shift.  In many parts of the world, children return to school in autumn.  New ministry seasons begin in many churches.  

Perhaps you’re facing a different kind of new beginning: a new life with your spouse, a new baby, a new job, or a new empty nest now that your children have moved on to college.  

No matter what your new beginning looks like, thank God for going before you.  You can trust that he will continue to prepare the way ahead of you.  

Autumn Prayer for Challenging Times

“Dear Lord, we ask for your power-filled presence to breathe life into this challenging fall season.  

Through the power of your Holy Spirit, help us to press through this season with endurance and with our eyes focused on you.  Thank you for carrying us and sustaining us.   Amen.”

Autumn Prayer

Are you facing a challenging transition into fall?

Ask God to help you persevere through this season with faith, hope, and endurance.  

As you fix your eyes on Jesus, he will equip you to overcome the challenges you are facing.  

He will also use these challenges to help you become more mature and complete—molded into his image.

Autumn Prayer for Surrender

“Dear God, thank you for being the God of all seasons.  

As we admire the way the leaves have surrendered to the season beneath the fading of the summer sun, help us to surrender to your ways in our lives, too.  

We want to honor you in all we say and do and follow you wherever you lead.  Amen.”

Autumn Prayer

Autumn is a season of surrender for the natural world.   The lush summer foliage surrenders to the cooler days and prepares for the winter season of dormancy.

This shift in the natural world can help us shift into a posture of surrender, too.  Has God been leading you in a new direction or nudging you to submit to him in some area of your life?  

Follow the example of the natural world and surrender to your Maker.  He will give you peace as you submit to his ways.

Autumn Prayer for Peace

“Lord God, thank you for your promise to give us peace when we fix our minds on you.  

Fill us with your peace as we adjust to this new season and prepare for the long winter season ahead.  

You are our Living Peace, and we press close to you with the hopeful expectation that you will bring peace to our souls.  Amen.”

Autumn Prayer

Our God is the God of all peace, and he wants us to experience his peace at all times.

Do you feel anxious, worried, or fearful today?   Let the quiet autumn world remind you that God is full of peace, and he offers this same peace to you.  

Draw near to him, ask him to fill you with his peace, and he will draw near to you and answer your prayer.

Autumn Prayer for Perseverance

“Father God, as this autumn season unfolds, life is full.  

There is much to do before winter comes, and our schedules overflow with events and commitments.  

Please help us to persevere with joyful, grateful hearts as we press through this autumn.  Amen.”

Autumn Prayer

Autumn often leads to full schedules as children and grandchildren participate in busy sports seasons, yard work needs to be done, and last-minute winter preparations take place.

Pray for a spirit of perseverance.  Also, pray for opportunities to pause within full days to give thanks for the beauty and wonder of the season.

Autumn Prayer for Rest

“Lord God, thank you that your love for us knows no limits.  As we continue to enjoy the autumn season, we bring you our burdens and ask you to give rest to our souls.  

Help us to trust you with the parts of our lives that don’t currently make sense to us and help us to find true soul rest in you every day.  Amen.”

Autumn Prayer

In Matthew 11:28, Jesus invites us to come to him, bring our burdens, and receive his rest.  

As the busy autumn season unfolds, make it a habit to daily bring your burdens to Jesus and receive his rest in exchange.

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Jesus’ yoke is easy, and his burden is light.   He wants us to live in his rest, even amid the busy days of autumn.

God invites us to draw near to him in prayer because he longs for intimacy with us.  

When his created world prompts us to pray, he is drawing us deeper into his love through the visible reminders of his presence.

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This fall, allow the changing colors and shifting seasons to prompt you to pray.

Worship the Lord of all creation and bask in his goodness.  Bring your burdens, cares, worries, and weariness to him.  He is waiting to usher you into peace a

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