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Powerful Graduation Prayers

The season of graduation is upon us! It is a time of great celebration for reaching such a major milestone. 

As you celebrate the accomplishments of those you love most, you’ll definitely want to say graduation prayers over them.

Regardless of what grade, this is a major accomplishment and the journey is not over. They are about to walk into more challenging territory and need your prayers!

Here are some graduation prayers to pray over the graduates in your life as they embark on exciting new journeys in their life.

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The Importance of Praying for Graduates

We live in a very uncertain time. Graduates today are facing struggles in every area of life and need to be lifted up in prayer and encouraged in The Lord.

The very next decisions are some of the most impactful ones they will make and they need clear direction from God to make them.

So it is imperative to pray for the Lord to give graduates spiritual discernment as they continue to grow in their next endeavors. 

Graduation Prayers

One of the most frightening things for parents of graduating seniors is knowing that you’ll be sending your child off into a dark world and subject to the schemes of the enemy.

So pray! Pray that God may go with them every step of the way providing wisdom, guidance, protection, and peace that only He can provide.

Graduation Prayer

Dear Lord, I pray that you cover each graduate and their fellow students in your mercy and your grace on this special day and every day after.

I pray that you guide them, give them wisdom in this season of new beginnings. I pray that they seek you and accomplish great things for the kingdom of God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Graduation Prayer of Thanks 

It is good to always thank the Lord first for where He has brought these graduates from and where He will lead them.

Thank God for the trials and triumphs along the way that have helped mold each graduate into the person they are today. 

So before you begin the celebrations, first offer thanks to God for everything He has already done in their life and thank Him in advance for everything that He is going to do. 

Graduation Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for equipping each graduate with the strength, endurance, and work ethic they needed to accomplish this milestone in their academic journey.

Thank you for protecting them thus far and I ask for a grateful heart as they continue in their next steps. May they always love and honor you in prayerful gratitude. In the name of your son Jesus, Amen.

Graduation Prayer for Wisdom

Wisdom is available to anyone who asks for it, and it is the most precious gift anyone can receive. It is also the most important thing any graduate will need in uncertain times. 

Proverbs 3:15 says “Wisdom is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her” (NLT).

This is easily the greatest prayer anyone will pray over their graduate.

Nothing compares to where wisdom can lead these graduates. 

Proverbs 16:16 tells “how much better it is to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver” (NIV).

Graduation Prayer

Dear God, you say that if anyone lacks wisdom, just ask and you will give it.

So I pray that you give abundant wisdom to the young people graduating who will soon be facing new forms of adversity and decisions that will challenge their character and faith.

I ask that you give them a spirit of wisdom and revelation so that they may know you better and grow closer to you. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Graduation Prayer for Guidance and Direction

Graduates are in dire need of God’s guidance and direction as they make many life defining choices in such a short span of time.

Wisdom is certainly required, but until they have it, they need to lean on God for His guiding hand. 

Each decision should be carefully prayed for and led by the Lord to ensure the blessings the Lord has for them.

God’s direction is imperative in selecting peers, careers, partners, and so much more.

Graduation Prayer

Dear God, I pray that you direct each graduate into your amazing ways.

May your Word be a lamp for their feet and a light on their path, guiding them in your perfect will for their lives. I pray for direction as they navigate this new chapter in their life.

In times of uncertainty, I pray, God, that you guide them beyond their own understanding and straight into your will for their life. May they trust you enough to follow. In Jesus Holy name, Amen.

Graduation Prayer for Prosperity

The Lord wants his children to prosper. Graduates’ obedience to the Word of God is all He asks for in order to prosper in their doings. 

He wants to provide for their every need and is able to give them above all they ask or imagine. Just give him glory!

Graduation Prayer

Dear Lord, I pray for prosperity in every endeavor. I pray that their work and talents lead them to success.

May they keep their hearts clean and trust in you so they may prosper for you glory. I pray their hard work is rewarded with prosperity in their finances. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Graduation Prayer for Blessings and Favor

Graduates need to be covered in prayer!

In such times when they are faced with so many challenging decisions, they need the encouragement of God’s blessings.

They need those small trophies to motivate them to keep on fighting the fight for God.

Psalm 115:13 says “he will bless those who fear the LORD— small and great alike.” 

God wants to bless His children  with overwhelming blessings and give them everything they desire according to His will. So pray that He pour out blessings upon their lives.

Graduation Prayer

Lord, may you bless each graduate as they journey through new roads.

May you look with favor upon them and bless their works, their obedience, their paths, their faithfulness, and even those around them in every area of life.

God, pour out your blessings so that everyone knows the God they serve. May they give you glory in everything.

Bless their choices now for generations to come. In then name of Jesus, Amen.

Graduation Prayer for a Bright Future

There is hope for a bright future for God’s children. We know He has great purpose for their lives and their future. 

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

God is faithful to His Word and He will be faithful to lead these graduates into their bright futures. 

The attacks of the enemy can even be used for His glory to lift up the graduates, give them wisdom, and brighten their paths.

God is faithful to complete a good work in them even with the attacks from the enemy.

Graduation Prayer

Heavenly Father, I pray that you show these graduates what great potential they have and you fill them with the confidence they need to fulfill your will in their lives.

Lead them to a bright future filled with you. I pray for their partners, careers, peers, employers and whoever else they may encounter in their future.

That they may be godly influences and push them towards your will.  Lord, I pray for a faith that will carry on through the generations and bless even the ones that come after them. Amen.

Graduation Prayer for Protection

The enemy is here to kill, steal, and destroy everything that belongs to God.

Many of new graduates will now be moving out into the world on their own for the first time.

They’ll face new obstacles and new opportunities for the enemy to cause problems for them.

So one of the most important prayers to pray over each graduate is for their safety and protection

Graduation Prayer

Gracious God, I pray that you put a hedge of protection over each and every graduate as they walk into a dark world full of snares.

Wrap them in the security of your love and keep them safe from the traps of temptation the enemy has set for them.

Keep their path protected so they may walk with you and stand boldly before the enemy. Amen.

Graduation Prayer for Peace

As new graduates head out into the world, they’ll often have feelings of anxiety over their future.

They may also feel anxious over the being on their own when the world is in such a crazy state.

But the peace of God is a place where they can lay their heads upon the Lord and rest.

It is the anchor that will keep them steady in their storms.

Graduation Prayer

Gracious God I pray that you bless them with a peace that surpasses all understanding to guard their hearts and their minds.

I pray, O Lord, that regardless of the storms they may be walking through, you give them overwhelming peace so they may know that you are with them always.

In lonely, uncertain times, may you fill them with undeniable great peace so they may grow closer to you in the dry seasons of life. Amen.

Graduation Prayer for Godly Friendships

Peers are some of the most influential people in young people’s lives.

As new graduates head out into the world, it is important they find friends who are also in alignment with God’s will.

Pray that God would send the right friends along to keep our the ones we care about on the right path.

Graduation Prayer

Dear Lord, I pray for these graduates’ peers as they enter new workplaces, new academic levels, and meet new people.

May they be bold in their faith and do good things for your glory and those around them.

May they influence their peers to be better and may you put people in their life who will nurture their walk with God. Amen.

Graduation Prayer for Courage

Living for God in today’s world can leave someone afraid to stand up for what they believe.

It takes courage to stand for God in a world that naturally goes against Him, but this is an important part of our community.

New graduates need to know that there is hope for every single thing they face.

They need to see people boldly standing for God and not compromising their faith. These graduates have the potential to influence an entire generation of people to live for Christ.

Graduation Prayer

Dear God, may you bless them with powerful boldness to stand for you in every situation and not compromise your truth.

Lord give them the courage they need in order to live for you and boldly follow in the path you have for them.

Fill them with your Holy Spirit  so they may stand for God. Amen.

Graduation Prayer for Purpose

Graduates are in a unique position where they still have a lot of their lives ahead of them, so they have overwhelming options on how they can direct their life.

They need clarity on what their purpose is so they are living within the gifts the Lord has equipped them with. 

Without a sense of purpose in life, it is easy to fall into the temptation of greed or other temptation to go down the wrong path.

Graduation Prayer

Heavenly Father, I pray that you give them a freshness of your spirit so they can see the purpose you have for their lives through new eyes.

Let them follow your will and your purpose for their life so they can be used for your glory.

God I pray that they drive every decision with the purpose you have for them in mind so they may not stray. Amen.

There is definitely power in prayer!

Whether you pray these over your graduate, write them in a card, or take these to your prayer closet in private, the Lord hears your prayers and He is faithful to His Word. 

12 Powerful Prayers for Graduation

Pray these graduation prayers over the graduates you love for wisdom, guidance, prosperity, blessings, favor, a bright future, protection, peace, friends, courage, and purpose.

As these young graduates explore new territories in their life, they need these things from the Lord to help guide them in the right way. 

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Be sure to be the kind of person they can come to for godly counsel, mentorship, and guidance when the hard times come.

These powerful graduation prayers have your graduate covered in every aspect of life!

Pray them once or continuously as the Lord opens new doors for them and leads them to better place.

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