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12 Palm Sunday Prayers

Palm Sunday commemorates the day when Jesus entered the holy city of Jerusalem riding on the foal of a donkey.  

This day took place at the beginning of Holy Week, just days before Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on the donkey, the whole city placed their cloaks and palm branches on the ground in front of him and cheered,

“Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” (Matthew 21:9 ESV).  

His entry fulfilled the prophecy found in Zechariah 9:9:

Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your king is coming to you; righteous and having salvation is he, humble and mounted on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.”

We celebrate Palm Sunday to remind ourselves that the Messiah has come.  He reigns over heaven and Earth, and he has come to deliver us from the power of sin and death.  

We can celebrate Christ’s coming by praying victorious Palm Sunday prayers.  

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Palm Sunday Prayers

Sometimes called Passion Sunday, Palm Sunday takes place one week before Easter Sunday and several days before Good Friday.  

Today, we will look at 12 Palm Sunday prayers.   These prayers can fill us with boldness and strength as we aim to walk with the Lord and live in his resurrection power.  

Additionally, these prayers focus on the work Christ did at the cross, his light in our lives, and his redemptive power.  

Pray these prayers as you celebrate Palm Sunday or any time you want to stand in the light and love of the Most High God.  

Palm Sunday Prayer for Victory

“Almighty God, thank you for sending your precious Son to dwell among us.  As we reflect on Jesus’ passion, our hearts are filled with gratitude for your tender love.  

Because Jesus died on the cross, we can access the gift of eternal life with you.   Thank you for this gift.  

May we continue to walk in the way of the cross and honor you with our lives.  We pray this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

Would you like a greater sense of victory in some area of your life?  Let Palm Sunday remind you that God can do all things.  He wants to lead you to victory and set you free in every area of your life.

Just as Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem foretold the victory he would attain for all humankind on the cross, God wants to work in your life to help you overcome setbacks.  

The same power that raised Christ from the dead is alive within every believer.  Ask God to help you stand in his resurrection power.

Palm Sunday Prayer for New Life

“Everlasting God, we thank you that the highest heaven cannot contain you.  O God, you love us so much that you sent your Son, Jesus Christ, to live with us and share your steadfast love with us.  

We ask you to fill us with new life as we look to you and seek your face.   The King of Kings came to dwell among us, and we want our lives to bear good fruit for your glory.  Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

Does any part of your life feel stale, dormant, or dead?  God can bring new life from the parts of our lives that seem to have perished.  Just as God raised his Son from the dead, his power lives in you.  

Ask God to work in your life to bear fruit and bring life from death.  God can work all things for good in the lives of those who love him (see Romans 8:28).  

Your heavenly Father wants to take the most challenging situation you are facing and turn it around for his good purposes. 

Palm Sunday Prayer for the Confession of Sin

“O Lord, you know our hearts and see our shortcomings.  Today, we ask you to search us and show us if there are unconfessed sins in our lives.   We turn to you and confess these sins.  

We repent of our sinful ways and return to you.  Heal us, forgive us, and wash us clean by the blood of Christ Jesus.  Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer
Palm Sunday Prayer

When the great crowd gathered to watch Jesus enter on the donkey’s foal, these people of Jerusalem did not realize what was about to take place.  

They thought that Jesus was coming to reign as a governing King.

Meanwhile, in a few short days, Jesus would ascend the Mount of Olives, where he would pray for deliverance from the death he was about to face for sinful humanity.  

Palm Sunday should be a reminder to search our hearts and confess our sins to God, grateful that Jesus paid the price for our sins at the cross.

Palm Sunday Prayer of Gratitude

“Lord God, we thank you that Jesus died on behalf of the whole human race.  

Our hearts overflow with gratitude as we reflect on your demonstration of love for us: Sending your Son to receive the punishment we deserve.  

Because of Jesus, all of our sins have been washed away.   Thank you for this gift, Lord.   Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

Because we know the full story, most of us cannot approach Palm Sunday without recalling the events that followed throughout the remainder of Holy Week.  

Jesus was betrayed by Judas, suffered and died on the cross, and rose again to fulfill the Scriptures.

As we reflect on the bigger picture of Holy Week, our hearts should overflow with gratitude for the great love of Christ and the suffering he endured for us.  

Take time to reflect on his great love this week.  Thank him for the sacrifice he made so that you can have eternal life and free access to your heavenly Father.

Palm Sunday Prayer for the Celebration of Our Lord

“Dear God, as we reflect on Palm Sunday, we know what follows.  We consider the Last Supper, the death of Christ, and, alas, Resurrection Sunday.  

Holy week is filled with many emotions—many highs and lows.  This week, we celebrate our Risen Lord.  We also pray that the name of God will be lifted high in our lives.  

Fill us with your Holy Spirit and help us to carry your light into the world.  Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

God loves us so much that he came to dwell among us.  He entered the body of a fragile human, faced every temptation we faced, and felt every human emotion.

What an amazing God we serve!  Take time this week to celebrate the God who loves you so much that he became a Man.  Holy Week is a week to celebrate.

Palm Sunday Prayer for Provision

“Father God, thank you for the promise that you do not withhold blessings from those who seek you with pure hearts.  

Today, we come to you and ask you to continue to give us our daily bread.  We are trusting you to meet our needs.  

We celebrate the work Jesus did for us on the cross this week, and we acknowledge that the name of the Lord is to be praised.  Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

Perhaps you are looking to God for provision this week.  God is a Good Father, and he wants to meet your needs.  Ask him to give you your daily bread and provide for you in every way.

God might not respond in the way or the timing you expect, but you can trust that he wants to meet your needs.  

Palm Sunday Prayer for Deliverance

“Lord God, thank you that you never miss a moment of our lives.  As we celebrate Palm Sunday today, we ask you to deliver us from the trials we are facing.  

By the power of Jesus, heal our bodies, restore our minds, mend our relationships, and make our paths straight.  

You are capable of delivering us and saving us from every trouble, and we thank you for your deliverance today.   Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

Maybe you need God to deliver you from a difficult situation, health problem, or broken relationship.  Perhaps you feel alone and forsaken.

Don’t lose heart.  The same God who raised Jesus from the dead is alive and working in you.  Ask him to deliver you and wait for his answer with an expectant heart.

Palm Sunday Prayer for Hope

“Dear Father, we thank you for being the God of all hope.  You see the situations in our lives that feel hopeless.  

As we celebrate you this Holy Week, we ask you to fill us with a sense of hopeful expectation.  Above all else, help us to put our hope in your Son, Jesus Christ.  

He will never leave us or fail us, and we can anchor our hope in his love.  Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

Do you need hope this Palm Sunday?   Perhaps the sense of celebration does not fit your circumstances.  

Nevertheless, you can pray for God to fill you with his hope.  Also, remember that your hope is found in the fact that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you.  

Plant your feet on the hope that he is with you, and he will carry you through whatever you are facing.

Palm Sunday Prayer for a Loved One

“Heavenly Father, thank you for your great care for our loved ones.  Today, we come to you and ask you to shine your light into the lives of our struggling loved ones.  

Reveal yourself as Protector, Provider, and King.  You overcame sin and death on the cross, and we pray that your victory will surround our loved ones and offer hope and healing.  Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

Watching our loved ones struggle is painful.  Perhaps someone you care about has turned away from God or is going through a terrible time of loss.

Lift this dear person before the throne of God in prayer.  Thank God that he cares for your loved one even more than you ever could.  He wants to reveal himself this Holy Week.  

Continue to pray for your loved one and ask God to reveal himself in this deal person’s life.

Palm Sunday Prayer for Troubled Times

“Dear God, as we walk through this difficult season, Holy Week puts our troubles in perspective.  We are reminded that you know all about suffering, loss, and trials.  

You sent your precious Son to die for us, which was the ultimate demonstration of love.  

Please carry us through this difficult time and help us to fix our eyes on Jesus, who endured the cross for the joy set before him.  Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

When Jesus lived on earth, he experienced every temptation we face.  He felt every human emotion, and he understands us wholly.

As you imagine him walking into Jerusalem while the crowds cheered, remember that he knew what was about to take place.  

Jesus understands your heavy burdens, and he has felt the emotions you are feeling.   You can trust in him to carry you through whatever you are facing today.

Palm Sunday Prayer for Joy

“Heavenly Father, thank you for being the source of all love and joy in our lives.  Every good gift we have comes from you, and you never change.  

As we celebrate your victory this week, we ask you to fill our hearts with unshakeable joy.  May this joy radiate to those surrounding us and fill us to overflowing.  Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

God wants us to live joyful lives.   As we navigate the mixed emotions of Palm Sunday, we can remind ourselves that we know how the story ends.   Jesus reigns and rules.

Ask God to fill you with overflowing joy.   He wants his light to shine through you and touch others, and joy is contagious.  He loves to fill his children with this kind of contagious joy.

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Palm Sunday Prayer for Peace

“Lord God, thank you for being the King of all peace.  We ask you to fill our hearts with peace as we fix our eyes on you this week.  

We thank you for your many blessings in our lives, and we cast our cares on you—trusting that you will care for us.   Amen.”

Palm Sunday Prayer

When Jesus died on the cross, he made a way for us to have peace with God.  This Palm Sunday, let the peace of Christ reign in your heart.  

You are loved with everlasting love, and the Prince of Peace has come to fill you with his peace.  Receive this peace today as you cast your worries on him and trust him to care for you.  

He wants to protect you, defend you, and replace your anxious thoughts with his peace.

As we reflect on Palm Sunday, we imagine Jesus riding on the donkey’s foal.  We imagine the palm branches and the very large crowd surrounding him.  

12 Prayers for Palm Sunday

We also remind ourselves that this day marks the beginning of a week that changed the course of history.

Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins, and he rose again to conquer sin and death once and for all.  Praise be to God!

As you pray these Palm Sunday prayers, pray with a joyful, expectant heart.  

God loves you so much that he allowed his Son to die in your place.   Jesus is the light of the world, and he has overcome darkness, death, and sin!

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