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10 Powerful Freedom Prayers

Are you needing some freedom prayers to break the spiritual strongholds in your life?

Would you like to experience greater freedom in your Christian life? Perhaps you’re frustrated because you feel stuck in some area of your life, and you long for true freedom.  

Maybe you’ve been dealing with fear, anxiety, a besetting sin, or a different spiritual stronghold, and you long to experience God’s freedom.

In his letter to the Ephesian church, the Apostle Paul wrote the following words:

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ” (Ephesians 1:3, NIV).  

According to this promise, everyone who has received Christ Jesus as Lord has been given every spiritual blessing.  

This includes the spiritual authority to decree freedom from the places we feel stuck.   

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Freedom Prayers 

By praying for freedom, we align ourselves with Jesus and step into his victory over every spiritual battle.  

The Holy Spirit is with us and waits to lead us to victory by the power of God.

Scripture promises that God has given us everything we need to win life’s battles and stand in his everlasting victory. 

The following freedom prayers can help you pray for freedom from the spiritual strongholds from which you cannot seem to break free. 

As you pray these prayers, remember that Jesus is the source of all power and freedom.  Pray in Jesus’ name, and you can overcome any battle with the blood of Christ.

Let’s look at these freedom prayers together now.

Prayer for Freedom and Peace

In his letter to the Ephesian church, the Apostle Paul reminded God’s people to put on the full armor of God so that they could stand against the attacks of the enemy.  

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and he aims to destroy the peace of God’s people.

Freedom Prayer

Meanwhile, God promises his perfect peace to those who love him and follow him.  

Ask God to fill you with this peace as you stand against the attacks of the enemy, and he will answer your prayer.

He might lead you to repent of sinful behaviors or thought patterns as he leads you to peace, but you can rest assured that he will hear your prayer.

“Dear God, thank you for the promise you spoke through your Son—the promise that you want your children to have peace.  We receive this promise today.  We fix our eyes on you as we trust you to fill us with the peace that passes understanding.  Help us to walk in your perfect peace as we place our trust in you.   We claim the freedom and peace you offer through the mighty name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.”

Prayer for Freedom from Captivity

Have you ever felt bound by invisible chains of captivity?  

Perhaps you can’t escape a difficult memory from the past, or maybe you feel bound by a certain sin.  

Freedom Prayer

You might feel like a mental illness or physical limitation is holding you captive.

Regardless of the form of your captivity, Jesus wants to break these chains.  

Pray this prayer when you seek deliverance and freedom from these chains.

“O God, you know all things, and you see the condition of my soul.  You see the parts of my soul that are held captive.  In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray that you will free me from these chains.   Break them loose by the power of Jesus’ blood so that I might experience an independence day in every area of my life.   Lord Jesus, I ask you to set me free into a new life in which I might join you in the triumph of your resurrection.   Amen.”

Prayer for Freedom from Spiritual Strongholds

Spiritual strongholds arise in our lives when Satan finds footholds and consistently attacks us in certain areas.  

Examples of spiritual strongholds include sins we cannot seem to escape, certain ways of thinking, negative attitudes, fears, and barriers in relationships.

Pray against these strongholds by asking Jesus to break them down.  

Freedom Prayer

Also, commit to following Jesus in true repentance if he reveals sin patterns that are contributing to these strongholds.  

This might include seeking accountability or bringing these patterns into the light with others.

Freedom sometimes requires effort from us, but we can trust that the effort is worth it.

“O Lord, thank you that you are worthy of praise.   Thank you for the good work you have done in my life and for your faithfulness to me.  I come to you in need of deliverance today.  You see the spiritual strongholds in my life—the areas from which I cannot seem to find freedom.  In Jesus’ name, I pray that you will break these strongholds and deliver me for your glory.  Amen.”

Prayer for Freedom from Oppression

We live in a spiritual world, and all believers face oppression.  

Evil spirits surround us and aim to discourage, dishearten, and even mock us.   

When oppression settles overhead like a dark cloud, it’s time to pray for freedom from oppression.  

Freedom Prayer

In Jesus’ name, command that any ungodly spirits leave.  

Anchor yourself in God’s Word and continue to speak against these spirits when you sense that they are nearby.  

By the Spirit of God, you have all authority in Christ.  

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that you rule and reign over the spiritual realm.  I sense that I am facing oppression right now, and I ask to you break this oppression in the mighty name of my Lord Jesus Christ.  In the name of Jesus, I command any spirits that do not worship Christ to leave.  I claim the peace and freedom of Christ in my life today—by the Spirit of the Lord.   God’s Word promises that no weapon formed against me will prosper, and I claim this promise today.  Amen.”

Prayer for Freedom from Generational Curses

Generational curses are often passed through families for many generations.  

For example, it’s not uncommon to see certain sin patterns in multiple generations.  

These sins include addiction, sexual promiscuity, workaholism, abuse, and more.

Freedom Prayer

If you sense that you are being impacted by a generation curse, you can break it off in Jesus’ name.  

Ask Jesus to deliver you and follow him if he leads you to make changes in your life or seek further counsel.

“Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that you will set me free from any generational curses that are influencing my life today.  In Jesus’ name, I break off agreement with all deceptive spirits, and I stand in the healing and wholeness of Christ.  I pray for blessings through the power of the Holy Spirit to replace any generational curses.  Lord Jesus, please lead me in your paths so that I can walk away from any behavior patterns or ways of thinking that were associated with these curses.  Amen.”

Prayer for Freedom from Addiction

God wants to set us free from every form of addiction.  

Whether you are facing addiction to a controlled substance, behavior pattern, or something else, God wants to deliver you.

Freedom Prayer

He might lead you to the Body of Christ and ask you to find accountability with others after you pray this prayer for freedom.  

Follow wherever he leads.  Freedom awaits.

“Lord God Almighty, thank you for your great love for me.  Thank you that I can do nothing to earn your love and favor.  In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that you will deliver me from the addiction that has a grip on my life.  Show me what steps I can take to align myself with you as I seek your freedom.  Please break these chains and empower me to walk in freedom.  Amen.”

Prayer for Freedom from Worry and Anxiety

We all face worried and anxious thoughts at times.   However, when worry and anxiety follow us, it’s time to pray for freedom.

Praying for freedom from worry and anxiety is a great first step toward freedom.  

Freedom Prayer

In addition, consider memorizing a Bible verse to speak out loud when worry and anxiety arise.  

By doing so, you can defeat the enemy with his own weapon.

“Lord God, thank you that you have ordained peace for your children.  Worry and anxiety do not come from you.  In the name of Jesus, I pray that you will set me free from worry and anxiety.   Please show me what steps I can take to walk in your peace.  I cast my cares on you and trust that you will help me.  Amen.”

Prayer for Freedom from Fear

Our God is not the God of fear.

When you face fears, you can trust that the enemy is speaking lies to you.

Freedom Prayer

Instead of being ruled by these fears, use them as prompts to fix your eyes on Jesus, worship him, and speak God’s Word.  

In doing so, you will overcome your fears.

“Father God, thank you that your perfect love drives out fear.  I am facing fear today, and I ask you to impart your perfect love and help me overcome this fear.  Help me to fix my eyes on you in worship and speak your Word instead of worshiping and magnifying my fears.  I trust that you are greater than all my fears.  I turn to you for help and thank you for your great love for me.  Amen.”

Prayer for Freedom from the Bondage of Sin

Are you in bondage to a certain pattern of sin in your life?  

Perhaps you feel controlled by sexual sins, greed, comparison, envy, or some other sin.

Ask God to lead you to freedom from this bondage.  

Freedom Prayer

He is your true Father, and he is a good Father who wants his children to walk in freedom.  

Pray for deliverance and guidance, and trust that he will lead you to freedom.  

“Heavenly Father, you see the sins that hold me in bondage.  Thank you that when I turn to you in the face of these sins, you run to me with open arms.   Please help me find freedom from the sins that entangle me.  I fix my eyes on you and throw this sin off of me right now.  I repent and commit to changing my ways.  Please forgive me and lead me in your holiness and righteousness.   Amen.”

Prayer for Freedom from Negative Thought-Patterns

Do you feel stuck in negative thought patterns?  

If so, ask God to deliver you and lead you in the quest to take every thought captive.

Freedom Prayer

This prayer aligns with God’s heart of love for you, and it is a prayer he will answer.               

“Dear Lord, thank you that you want to sanctify me wholly.  Today, I ask you to free me from the negative thought patterns that are influencing my life.   I turn to you and look to you, the Author and Perfector of my faith—and the Giver of eternal life.  Please help me to take every thought captive and make my thought-life obedient to you.  I want to be the kind of person who has a positive outlook and inspires others.   Amen.”

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Adding these prayers for freedom to your prayer time can help you move toward freedom in your life.  

Remember that God is on your side.  He loves you, and he wants you to live a life of joy, peace, and freedom in Christ.

Throughout generations past, many Christian patriots have prayed similar prayers and discovered God’s freeing power.  

This power is available to you, as well. Begin praying these prayers, and God will hear you.

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