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16 Powerful Prayers Before Surgery

Are you looking for some prayers to pray before surgery for yourself or for a loved one?

The prospect of facing surgery can be frightening for the person who will be on the operating table as well as the family members involved. Perhaps you or someone you care about will soon have surgery.

During these times, the Lord wants us to call out to him.  He has promised to never leave us or forsake us, and he is close to us when we are in need.  He is present in the operating room, and he is present in the waiting room.

Through the power of prayer, we can calm our anxious hearts, cast out the spirit of fear, and usher the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit into the operating room.

Powerful prayers before surgery can encompass everyone involved, including the medical staff, the person who is about to undergo surgery, and the family members.  

Whether you or a family member is facing surgery, these prayers offer the peace of mind you need.

God is with you, and he will surround you with his angels and his protection.  

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Prayers to Pray Before Surgery

The Lord wants to make his healing power known.  He wants to equip the medical professionals and the surgical team to bring healing and wholeness to the are hurting.  

The following prayers can help you step into God’s peace as you prepare for surgery. These prayers also prepared the environment to make it a place where God is free to move and work.

Prayer for Peace of Mind Before Surgery

God’s presence never leaves his children.   As you—or your loved one—prepare to go into the operating room, thank God for his presence with you.  

He wants you to experience his healing touch, and his guardian angels go with you in your time of need.  You can trust that God is caring for you and will not take his eye off of you.  

Here is a prayer to pray for peace of mind before surgery. 

“Jesus, you desire peace to reign in the hearts of your children.  As we face some worried and anxious thoughts, we ask you to help us take our eyes off of our worries and fix them on you.  

Please replace our fears with the peace that passes understanding as we cast our cares on you at this time.  Amen.”

Prayer Against Fear Before Surgery

The idea of surgery fills many hearts with fear.  Instead of embracing fear, we can pray that the hearts of those who are feeling fearful will turn to the Lord.

Pray that every fearful moment will become a prompt to stand on God’s Word and worship God.  Instead of standing on fear, pray for strength to stand on God’s promises and lift your eyes to him.  When this happens, fear is defeated.

Here is a prayer to pray before surgery against any fear.

“Lord God, we stand against fear and doubt as this surgery approaches.  We trust that you work all things for the good of those who love you.  

Instead of cowering in fear, we declare that we will trust in you, and we will not be afraid.  Empower us to worship you and stand on your Word.   Amen.”

Prayer for Jesus to Reveal Himself Before Surgery

Often, people must reach their lowest moments before they are ready to encounter Jesus.  Pray that this situation will lead your loved ones to turn to Jesus.

Surgery can cause a person to consider the longevity of life and ask questions about the afterlife.  Ask Jesus to reveal himself so that your loved ones have the assurance of eternal life with the King of Kings.

“Jesus, thank you for loving us so much that you came and lived among us.  Please reveal yourself to our family during this time.  

Help us to remember the brevity of life, turn to you, and affirm that our eternity is sealed in heaven with you.  Amen.”

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Prayer for Medical Staff Before Surgery

In addition to praying for the person who will have surgery, we can pray for the hands of the medical people who will help to bring healing.  

A team of various medical professionals will ensure that the anesthesia works effectively, that the appropriate medications are in order, and that the surgeon is equipped for the surgery.

We can pray for unity and wisdom to fall upon the medical staff as they work together during surgery. 

Here is a prayer before surgery for the medical team.

“Lord God, thank you for the wisdom and knowledge you have imparted to the medical team.  Please unite them so that they will work together as a team, help them to have steady hands, and give them clear minds.  

Empower them to rise above any fatigue or other issues that might hinder their work and use them as your vessels of healing.  Amen.”

Prayer for the Hands of the Surgeon Before Surgery

We can also specifically pray for the surgeon before the operation takes place.  Because the surgeon will be doing some of the most vital work, we can pray that God’s presence will empower and equip this doctor to perform with steady hands and with wisdom.

God has equipped this physician to be his agent of healing, and the surgeon’s work is blessed by God.  Here is a prayer to pray for the surgeon before surgery.

“Father, thank you for your presence in the operating room.  We pray that you will give the surgeon steady hands and a focused mind.  

Empower this surgeon’s hands to complete this operation with precision and thoroughness for your glory.  Amen.”

Prayer for God’s Healing Hand to Intervene Before Surgery

God is the Great Physician, and all healing comes from God.  He uses different means to provide healing at different times, and he often uses medical intervention for healing.  

As you trust in God’s healing for the physical body that will soon undergo surgery, ask his hand to permeate every part of the process. He loves to make his power known, and he is pleased to heal his precious children.

Here is a prayer for God’s healing hand to move in power before surgery.

“Great Physician, thank you that want to heal your children.  We pray for your hand to move in your mighty power so that you might be glorified through this surgery.  

Work through the medical team to bring your will to pass.  Thank you that your will is for your children to walk in healing and wholeness.  Amen.”

Prayer for an Awareness of God’s Presence in the Operating Room Before Surgery

God is omnipresent, which means that he is in the operating room.  We can thank him for his presence among the medical staff and thank him for allowing these people to be extensions of his hands.

We can also pray that everyone in the operating room will have a greater awareness of God’s healing presence throughout the surgery. This powerful prayer before surgery can help prepare hearts to encounter God’s presence.

“Father God, thank you for making the medical staff extensions of your healing hands.  We pray that they will become more aware of your presence working among them.  

Move over the operating table and help these professional to work in perfect harmony and with steady hands during surgery.  Make your glory known in this place as you do a great work of healing.   In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Prayer for Deeper Trust in God to Grow Before Surgery

God wants us to trust him with our lives.   He cares about the small details, and he also cares about big events, such as life-changing surgeries.  

Most of us know that God wants us to trust him; however, we overlook the way God build trusts.  Trust grows by stepping into situations in which trusting God is difficult. Surgery is often one of those situations.

Before surgery, thank God for the opportunity to grow in trust.  You can prayer a prayer before surgery that goes like this:

“Lord, thank you for this opportunity to learn to trust you more.  As I look to the future, I am uncertain about what it holds.  Please help me to trust you with what I cannot see and what I cannot understand.  

Help me to stand on the promise in Proverbs 3:5-6: that you will make my paths straight as I trust in you and resist the urge to lean on my own understanding.   Amen.”

Prayer for Successful Surgery

Ultimately, when we pray before surgery, we want the process to be successful.  We want the the surgery to alleviate the ongoing medical issues, provide healing, or offer relief.

Whether you are facing surgery to heal an injury, restore a wound, or save a life, you are most likely praying for a successful surgery.  You can pray this prayer for success.

“Jesus, thank you for your great love for us.  We desperately want this surgery to be successful.  

Please guide the medical team so that they are able remedy the problem at hand and restore healing and function.   We will glorify and honor you with the results of this surgery.  Amen.”

a hand picking up surgical instruments

Prayer for the Recovery Process Before Surgery

The healing process is a vital part of surgery. Before even going into surgery, we can begin praying for a full recovery and a quick return to good health and wellness.  

A speedy recovery is especially important for people who prefer an active lifestyle and are eager to return to everyday routines.

For some families, this includes praying for patience and a slow return to regular activities, which can be challenging for some personality types.  Here is a prayer to pray before surgery for the recovery process.

“God, we pray for a full recovery following this surgery.  Please help our loved one return to good health quickly and enable this healing process to take place without hindrances.  

Thank you for providing so that recovery can be slow and gentle.  We ask you to provide extra help and support so that there is no need to push too hard and hinder the healing process.  Amen.”

Prayer for a High Power to Guide the Entire Process Before Surgery

All wisdom comes from God, and God gives wisdom to those who ask for it (James 1:5).  When we pray for a higher power to guide the surgery, we are praying that God’s loving arm will surround the medical staff.  

We ask God to show the medical professional the best way to proceed throughout the surgery and ask him to offer insight in uncertain moments.  Here is a prayer for God’s higher power to guide the surgery.

“Father, you are Lord and Master over all creation.  Nothing is too hard for you.  

If the surgical team faces uncertain moments, we ask you to make your higher power known and show them what to do.  We trust your infinite wisdom and unending love for us.   Amen.”

Prayer for Family Members Who Are Having a Difficult Time Before Surgery

The family members of the person going into surgery need our prayers, too.  Often worries and concerns feel overwhelming during this time of need.

These family members are blessed when they recognize that they can step out of the way, trust God, and let the surgical team take control.  Here is a short prayer for a family member who is worried about the surgery.

“Jesus, thank you that are present with everyone involved in this surgery.  Please provide comfort to the family members and assure them that all the days written for their loved one’s life are already written.  

We stand on the promise that you will fulfill your purpose in the life of this loved one, and you will not call this person home to heaven until the time is right.  

We trust you with this precious life and press into you for comfort and security.   Amen.”

Prayer for Children Before Surgery

Watching a loved one go into surgery can be terrifying for a child.  If a child you care about is feeling nervous because a loved one is about to have surgery, pray for this child.  

Help this little one to draw near to the Lord and learn to turn to God for comfort.

Children need the reassurance that God is in control and that his plans will not be thwarted.  You might pray a prayer like this:

“Father God, thank you for being the perfect Dad.   We pray for this child to turn every worry and fear over to you and trust that you are here.  

You will fulfill your plans, and nothing can stop your plans for our lives.  Help this child to run to you and learn to find hope and comfort in your arms.  Amen.”

Prayer for Parents Before Surgery

Just as children often face fear when loved ones go into surgery, parents often deal with extreme emotions when their children need surgery.  

These parents need our prayers.  They need to be reminded that God loves their children even more than they do.

Parents also need the assurance that God sees their situations, and he has not forsaken them.  If a parent you know is preparing to help a beloved child through surgery, pray the following prayer.

“Dear Lord, thank you for being our ultimate source of comfort.  Please comfort these parents and remind them that you are good Father.  You love this child more than we can fathom.  

Please give these parents peace of mind and help them to turn to you with their fears and worries as they trust their precious child in your worthy hands.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Prayer for Hope Before Surgery

For some people, surgery feels hopeful.  It feels like an opportunity to reclaim parts of life that have been lost.  

For other people, surgery feels daunting.   Perhaps they have faced so many surgeries that it’s hard to find and reclaim hope.  These people need prayers that offer hope for the future.  

Here is a prayer for hope.

“Dear God, we ask that you fill us with a sense of hopeful expectation.  Your plans for the future are good and filled with hope, and we stand on this promise.  

Please help us trust that you are good, and you want to work for good in our lives.  Fill us all with hope for the future.  Amen.”

15 Powerful Prayers to Pray Before Surgery

Prayer to Thank God for the Gift of Life 

Concerns about surgery can shroud our gratitude for God’s gift of life.  If you are feeling nervous about surgery, shift your focus and thank God for the gift of life. 

Continue to pray for a quick recovery, successful outcome, and complete healing; however, don’t forget to give thanks for what you already have.

God has provided the gift of life to the person who will be having surgery, and he promises to bring to completion everything he begins in our lives.

Here is a prayer to pray before surgery to thank God for the gift of life.

“O Lord, thank you for the gift of life.   It’s easy to focus on our worries and overlook the many gifts you have given to us.  Thank you for the years we have shared with our loved one.  

We pray for many more years to laugh together, grow together, and enjoy the gift of life together.  Amen.”

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Dear friend, God is always with us.  He loves us far beyond what we can fathom, and he wants to make his presence known in our lives.

He often uses trials and challenges to reveal himself to us lead us deeper in trust.

Difficult medical diagnoses are opportunities for God to make his glory known and reveal his healing power.   God wants to reveal himself in these situations and help draw hurting, broken people into his loving arms.   

Pray that God will move and work before surgery, during surgery, and after surgery.  Nothing is too hard for him, and his arm is not too short to save.  

God is with you, and he will carry you when life feels overwhelming and difficult.  

All you need to do is humble yourself, ask for help, and run to his everlasting arms.  His everlasting arms are beneath you—always waiting to catch you and carry you.  

He will help you and your loved ones through this surgery, and you can trust that he will fulfill his plans for your lives.  

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