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10 Powerful Prayers for Overcoming Anger

Do you need prayers to help you overcome anger issues?

Overcoming anger in our own strength can feel impossible.  When people push our buttons or difficult circumstances send us over the edge, restraining anger is challenging.  

Nevertheless, God has not left us to deal with anger on our own.

Feeling angry isn’t sinful; however, anger can easily lead us to sin when our outbursts of anger affect other people.  Our role is to learn to identify the root of anger welling up within us before anger leads us to sin.  

It’s also important to recognize that we sometimes experience righteous anger in response to sin.  God wants to help us direct this anger for his glory.

After learning to identify anger, God wants us to turn to him in prayer.  He is ready and willing to help us channel our anger in appropriate ways.

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Prayers for Anger

As followers of Christ, we know the power of prayer is real in overcoming any obstacle we face here on earth.

It’s important to recognize that anger is a secondary emotion.  This means that anger often masks a deeper emotion, such as sadness, fear, or insecurity.  

When we recognize that we are feeling angry, we can turn to God and pray the following powerful prayers for anger.

Let’s look at 10 prayers for anger, and we learn how to surrender our angry moments to the Lord and channel our anger in righteous ways.

Prayer for Anger Management

God wants to help us learn to manage anger so that we don’t hurt others or sin against him in our anger. After identifying anger, prayer is a vital first step for anger management.

Pray the following prayer for anger management.

“Mighty God, thank you for being with me in every moment.  Right now, I take my eyes off the situation that is causing me to feel angry, and I fix my eyes on you.

Help me to take a deep breath and reign in this anger for your glory.  Show me how to return to this situation with words of peace instead of angry outburst.  In Your Mighty Name, Amen.”

Prayer to Remove the Spirit of Anger

Have you ever felt perpetually angry for a season of time without being able to identify the reason for the anger?  This can be frustrating and discouraging.

At times a spirit of anger can settle over us and lead us to feelings of rage that are difficult to overcome.  

During these times, the slightest inconveniences become triggers.  If you are dealing with a spirit of anger, pray the following prayer.

“Powerful Father, thank you that you have not given me a spirit of anger, but a spirit of love and self-control. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke the spirit of anger that has come upon me.

Lord God, you are the Prince of Peace, and I ask you to replace this spirit of anger with your peace.  Amen.”

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Prayer Against Anger and Resentment

When other people hurt us and betray us, it’s easy to fall into anger and resentment. This kind of anger can become a bitter poison in our lives if left unchecked.  

Pray the following prayer if you are dealing with anger and and holding onto emotional wounds caused by others.

“Jesus, in your powerful name, I pray that you will help me stand against the spirit of anger and resentment.

Forgive me for holding onto anger and empower me to forgive those who have offended me by the power of the Holy Spirit.  I renounce anger and resentment and claim your love and peace.  Amen.”               

Prayer for Righteous Anger

Jesus demonstrated righteous anger during his time on Earth.  The best display of this anger took place when he overturned the tables of the moneylenders in the temple.  

God’s anger was on display at this time as Jesus demonstrated the wrath of God toward sin.

When we experience righteous anger against sin, we can pray the following prayer to help us deal with this anger in a way that honors God.

“Dear God, please align my heart with your heart as I face this upsetting situation.  I am feeling angry about the injustices in this world, and I need you to show me how to respond.  

Please protect me from sinning in my anger and help me respond in a way that honors you. Amen.”

Prayer for Peace of Mind to Replace Anger

Do you need God’s peace of mind to help you replace feelings of anger?  

The Lord wants his children to walk in peace, and this prayer can help you return to perfect peace and get rid of all the negative thoughts in your mind.

“Father God, please show me what is beneath the anger I am feeling.  I want to get to the root of this anger so that I can walk in your peace.

If anger is covering a deeper emotion, please reveal it to me so that I can bring it to you and walk in your serenity.   Amen.”

Prayer for Anger When Bad Things Happen

Difficult situations often elicit anger. When bad things happen, we don’t understand God’s ways, and some of us tend to become angry.

We feel angry about our circumstances, frustrated with others, and even offended toward God.

The following prayer can help us avoid this offense.

“Lord God, I don’t understand why this circumstance is taking place.  Please bring the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart into alignment with you so that I bring you honor during this time.  

Help me to stand against the temptation to take offense that you have permitted these circumstances.  Amen.”

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Prayer for Anger Problems

Whether you are a hot-tempered man, an easily-irritated woman, or you live with someone who is often angry, you know that anger problems are destructive.

In these situations, we need to call on the righteousness of God and ask our Father to intervene.

Here is a prayer to pray over ongoing anger problems.

“God of all peace, you see that anger has become an issue and a stumbling block in this situation. In your name, we stand against the spirit of anger.  

Please help everyone involved in this situation to seek the necessary help to overcome these anger problems and restore peace of mind.  We pray for the courage to reach out and seek professional help for these anger problems if you guide in this direction.  Amen.”

Prayer for Angry Thoughts

Anger can be destructive when it is released inappropriately; however, anger that remains unexpressed can linger and lead to bitterness. God’s great power can free us from angry thought patterns.

If you, or someone you care about, deals with angry thoughts, pray the following prayer.

“Dear Lord, thank you that you understand human anger.  When you walked on Earth, you experienced every human emotion.  

In your ever-present and steadfast love, we ask you to lead us to freedom from angry thought patterns.  Help us shift our focus to what is true, right, pure, lovely, and good.  Amen.”

Prayer for Anger Regarding Unmet Expectations

Unmet expectations can lead to anger when we don’t take the time to process our expectations.  We become angry with our spouses, coworkers, children, friends, and closest loved ones when they fail to meet our expectations.

The following prayer can help us release these expectations as we offer a full vent of our emotions to God.

“O God, I ask you to help me release the anger I feel regarding these unmet expectations.  Empower me to forgive those who have disappointed me as I trust you with all the days of my life.  

Help me to fix my eyes on you and your goodness instead of my disappointments.   In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

10 Powerful Prayers for Overcoming Anger

Prayer for Anger That Is Hiding a Deeper Emotion

When feelings of anger refuse to subside, it’s always wise to ask God to show us the emotions beneath our anger.  

If you are having a difficult time identifying the root emotion beneath your anger, ask God to help you dig until you uncover the deeper emotion.  At times, this is the only way to overcome anger once and for all.

God will give you the strength to face the deeper emotion if you are willing to dig into it.  Here is a prayer to pray in these situations.

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that you understand me better than I understand myself.  Through your power, may God help me to uncover the deeper emotion that is causing me to feel angry.  

Help me to process this emotion with your help so that I can be healthy, whole, and capable of sharing your love with others.  In Jesus’ name Amen.”

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Dear brothers and sisters, let’s remember that anger is not a sin.  God is the King of all that is good on this Earth, and he is also the King of anger.   He is sovereign over all things, and he wants to help us learn the best ways to deal with our human anger.

When anger threatens to overwhelm you, speak God’s Word instead of standing on your angry feelings.  Ask God to help you get to the root of the emotions buried beneath your anger.

Remember, our God can tackle even the most impossible requests through prayer!

God wants you to walk in peace, and he is glorified when you learn to manage anger in such a way that it is only used for good and not for harm.  

Continue praying these prayers to overcome anger until you sense that you are finding freedom from the grip of this powerful emotion.  

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