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15 Powerful Prayers for Impossible Requests

Sometimes, we need to pray for impossible requests!

Are you facing an impossible situation?  Your loving heavenly Father sees this situation, and he hasn’t missed a moment of it.  

He is inviting you to begin praying for impossible requests in a way that changes the spiritual environment surrounding you.

God wants to work miracles in your life.  He has imparted the Holy Spirit to move on your behalf.  No matter how impossible your circumstance feels, you are worthy of the promises of Christ!

And he is the God of impossible things! 

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Prayers for Impossible Requests

Your impossible prayer request might feel like too much to ask.  Never forget that God wants to show his wonder-working power in your life.   Powerful miracle prayers give greater glory to God and reveal his character to the world.  

The following prayers are for people in every state of life.  These prayers create an opportunity for God to demonstrate his power and reveal his glory.   

Here are 15 powerful prayers for impossible requests.  

Prayer for Impossible Health Request

Is someone you care about facing an impossible health problem?  

Nothing is too hard for God.  You might feel hopeless because you have not seen God’s response to your prayers in the past.  Nonetheless, don’t stop praying.  

Here is a powerful prayer to pray.

“Father God, thank you that nothing is impossible with you.  In the mighty name of Jesus, I ask you to intervene with this health request.   Please bring healing, wholeness, and wellness for your glory.  Amen.”

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Prayer for Impossible Healing of a Sick Child

Is a child in your life suffering or sick?  Our prayers can move God’s heart and change the outcomes in the lives of these children.

Whether the child is dealing with an illness that won’t relent or facing a life-threatening diagnosis, the following healing prayer is powerful.

“Lord God, thank you for your great love and care for this precious child.  In your holy name, we pray for you to impart healing and cast out this illness.  We trust you to manifest your healing power in your perfect timing and for your glory.   Amen.”

Prayer for an Impossible Situation

Are you facing a situation that feels impossible?  

Regardless of the nature of your problem, God’s arm is not too short to save you.  He can reach down and change your circumstances, and he can work a miracle.

Here is a powerful prayer for your impossible situation.

“Father God, thank you that you see and understand every aspect of this situation.  I cannot see the full picture from where I’m standing, and I ask you to help me trust you with the part I cannot see.  Please intervene in this situation so that it works out for my good and your glory.  Amen.”

Prayer for Impossible Relationship

Tension in relationships can be consuming.  Our minds often spiral out of control as we rehearse conversations and think about how to defend ourselves.  

Meanwhile, in his divine love, God wants to work in these situations and help us become more mature and complete.   Here is a prayer for an impossible relational situation.

“Lord God, thank you that you love everyone involved in this situation.  Help this situation find a peaceful resolution and help us to maintain open hearts and open minds as we work toward the resolution.  Amen.”

Prayer for Impossible Situation at Work

Difficult situations at work are draining and challenging.  

If you are facing a challenge at work, pray the following prayer and ask God to intervene in this situation.  

“God, thank you that you understand how I feel and the frustrations I am facing in this impossible situation.  I ask you to intervene so that this is resolved for your glory.  Amen.”

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Prayer for Impossible Family Situation

Relational conflicts within families are difficult for everyone involved.  Meanwhile, God is ready and willing to help bring healing in these situations.

The next time you face an impossible family situation, pray this prayer:

“Lord Jesus, thank you for uniquely creating each member of this family.  We ask you to help us return to love and unity.  We pray for blessed fruit to flow from the resolution of this situation as we return to peace.  Amen.”

Prayer for Impossible Pregnancy

Complications during pregnancy are often frightening.  Perhaps the expectant mother is experiencing health concerns or severe illness.  Maybe the unborn baby has a heart defect or other identified concern.

When pregnancy becomes difficult, this pregnancy prayer can offer peace and strength.

“Father God, thank you that all of our days are ordained before one of them comes to pass.  We claim this promise over the life of this unborn child and the life of this mother.  We pray for healing and trust that no weapon formed against these two precious people will prevail.  Amen.”

Prayer for Impossible Financial Crisis

When the bank account is empty and the bills are due, we need God’s miracle-working power.

If you are facing an impossible financial crisis pray for financial breakthru!

“Lord God, thank you that this situation is not impossible for you.  I stand on your promise that you do not withhold any good thing from those who walk blamelessly with you, and I ask you to provide for this need as only you can.   Amen.”

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Prayer for Impossible Cancer Diagnosis

Have you or a loved one recently received this diagnosis?  Begin by acknowledging that God is with you, and he will never leave your side (see Deuteronomy 31:6).  

Then, continue to pray this prayer until he moves in his healing power in your life.

“God, thank you that this diagnosis is not a surprise to you. Please help me to remain aware of your presence with me in the days to come, heal my body, and use this refining fire for my good and your glory.  Amen.”

Prayer for Impossible Housing Situation

Uncertain housing situations often feel impossible.  Not knowing where you will be living can be stressful.

We should pray, not only for the homeless, but all who are struggling with their housing situations.

Here is a prayer to pray as you wait for God to lead you to the right home.

“Lord God, thank you that you have already prepared a place for me to live.  Please help me trust you and follow your lead.  Lead me to the right home and let this be an opportunity for me to trust you more deeply.  Amen.”

Prayer for Impossible Marriage

Is your marriage struggling? Does it seam like a resolution is impossible?

God designed marriage and wants to help your marriage.  Here is a prayer to pray over your marriage.

“God, thank you for this marriage.   Please move in both of our hearts and unify us in your love.  I pray for reconciliation, understanding, compassion, and the love of Christ to reign in this marriage.  Amen.”

Prayer for Impossible Job Situation

Have you recently lost your job, or are you facing a challenging transition at work?

Pray to ask God to provide a new job opportunity for you. Here is a prayer for your impossible job situation.

“God, please intervene in this situation.  Thank you for being my provider.  I ask you to open the right doors in this situation, redirect me if necessary, and make your will clear.  Amen.”

Prayer for Impossible Friendship Conflict

Conflict within friendships is troubling for most of us.  We want the love of God to guide our friendships, but conflict often gets in the way.

Here is a prayer for an impossible friendship conflict.

“God, thank you for this friend.   Please work in our relationship and bring us to a place of unity, understanding, and peace.  Fill our hearts with your love for one another so that we might glorify you through our friendship.  Amen.”

Prayer for an Impossible Schedule

Does your schedule feel overwhelming?   

Pray this prayer for God to intervene and guide you.

“God, thank you for your promise to direct our paths as we trust in you.  Please help me to align my schedule with your desires.  Show me where to cut back and where to add to my schedule as you guide my decisions.  Amen.”

15 Powerful Prayers for Impossible Requests

Prayer for Impossible Legal Situation

Most of us feel stress and anxiety when dealing with legal issues.  In these times, we can remind ourselves that God is with us and wants to help us.

Here is a prayer for an impossible legal situation.

“God, thank you for being my Gracious Advocate in all situations.  I feel uncertain and anxious, but I trust you to lead me and guide me.  Please help me to trust in you as I wait to see how this works out.  Amen.”

God cares about the details of our lives.   He wants to help us and make his presence known.

The next time you face an impossible situation, pray these impossible prayers.  Boldly ask God to work on your behalf.

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Nothing is impossible with God, and he is waiting to show you his glory.

The power of prayer is real! And prayer is a powerful tool that we have as followers of Christ. 

Your prayer life opens the doors to what seems like the impossible. 

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