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8 Thanksgiving Prayers for Family

Every day is a day to thank God for our family. One of the biggest blessings God gives us is the blessing of family.

They are there for us through all of life’s ups and downs. They see you at your best and your worst.

You don’t always see eye-to-eye, and sometimes there is tension, but, at the end of the day, you know that you can count on them. 

Here are some powerful thanksgiving prayers for family that you can use to thank God each and every day for this wonderful blessing!

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How Can We Thank God for the Gift of Family

We have so many things to thank God for every day. But how can we thank Him for the blessing of the family He has given us?

As you pray prayers of thanksgiving for your family, be sure to thank Him for things like:

  • Pray to thank God for simply blessing you with a family.
  • Pray to thank God for your family’s health.
  • Pray to thank God for meeting your family’s needs.

Some additional ways to show gratitude to God for your family is to:

  • forgive them when they wrong you
  • serve them when they are in need

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Thanksgiving Prayers for Family

There are so many things to thank God for when it comes to family. They support you, encourage you, and comfort you in times of trouble. They even celebrate your success as if it were happening to them. 

Below are some powerful Thanksgiving prayers that you can pray to thank God for the blessing of family that He has given you.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family

Short Thanksgiving Prayer for Family

I know Thanksgiving can be a stressful time of the year, especially if you are hosting Thanksgiving. 

If you are short on time but don’t want to skip over your gratitude to God, pray this quick prayer at the start of each meal during Thanksgiving week. 

Dear God, thank you for not only blessing me with this food, thank you for also preparing my heart before sharing a meal with my family this Thanksgiving. You have given me an abundance of love. Thank you. Amen.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family Unity

It’s only natural that disagreements could spill into your family gatherings.

After all, God made us unique and passionate about our thoughts. And sometimes, our opinions don’t always line up with our relatives’ opinions. 

If your family needs some extra help becoming more tolerant of each other, you might want to prepare for the holiday with a prayer for family unity.

Dear Jesus, please soften my family’s hearts so we can be more loving and understanding of our differences. I thank you in advance for keeping my family united as one. Thank you for your love and support. Amen.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family Health

If you have been lucky enough to have a family that never seems to get sick, you definitely want to shower God with prayers of Thanksgiving for that!

And if your family has faced (or is facing) health issues, use your prayer time to thank God for the healing that He will bring to them.

Here is a sample Thanksgiving prayer for family health that you can use to get started.

Dear Jesus, thank you for your healing and loving care. Thank you for blessing me with such a healthy family. And thank you in advance for the healing I know you will bring to those in my family who are struggling with health issues. Please bring my family comfort, rest, and healing during this season of their sickness. Amen.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family

Thanksgiving Prayer for My Spouse

If you are married, you should pray for your spouse daily. But, more importantly, you need to thank God every single day for the spouse He has given you.

Dear Jesus, thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful and amazing (wife/husband). Thank you for their love and compassion and for their commitment to our family. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family

Thanksgiving Prayer for My Children

Our kids are a true gift from God. It’s fun to see how they delight in new adventures. Their love can fill your heart with overflowing gratitude. 

Take some time today and thank God for the gift of your children. 

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing me with amazing children. Thank you for walking beside me and guiding me on how to best raise them. Thank you for their laughter, hugs, and smiles.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family

Thanksgiving Prayer for My Parents

Think back on your favorite time celebrating Thanksgiving as a kid. What moment stands out the most?

I remember the excitement of having extended family come over for Thanksgiving dinner. My dad would set up the extra tables and chairs, and I would enjoy all the fun snacks that we typically didn’t have around our house.

Take a moment to thank God for all the wonderful holidays (and regular days) you spent with your parents. 

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the love you gave me in the form of my parents. They showed me what love looked like, and I am grateful for the opportunity to show my kids that same unconditional love. Amen.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family

Thanksgiving Prayer for Extended Family

When we think of family, we immediately think of those who live with us (or spouse and kids). But we also have extended family such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc., that we may or may not see regularly.

But even though we aren’t always regularly involved in their lives, we should thank God for them and the blessings and memories they have brought us (and will bring us).

Thank you, Jesus, for the family that I have near and far. Please bless them and keep them safe and continue to provide ways for us to stay connected with them when we live so far apart. Amen.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family

Thanksgiving Prayer for My Church Family

Having people to share your faith with is invaluable. Your church family may not be blood relatives, but they are your brothers and sisters because we are all part of God’s family. 

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20 (NIV)

Keep your Church family in your hearts and thoughts, and thank Jesus for the community he has blessed you with.

Here is a simple thanksgiving prayer for your church family that you can get started with.

Thank you, Jesus, for the gift and blessing of my church family and community. Thank you for putting such Godly people in my life to help me stay grounded in your Word and your ways. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Here are some additional ways to pray for your church family.

We need to thank God every single day for our family and the many blessings they bring to our lives! The best way to do this is by including these thanksgiving prayers in our daily prayer routines.

Be sure to also include a prayer to thank God for our friends (who are often looked upon as extended family members!).

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