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12 Powerful Family Morning Prayers

Would you like to develop a consistent routine of praying together as a family, but you’re not sure where to start?

Family morning prayers are an easy way to get started!

By simply setting aside a few minutes each morning to pray together, your family members can build stronger bonds with one another and with God.

Your family morning prayer time might take place over breakfast, while waiting at the bus stop, or even while driving to work or school together. 

Today, we’ll explore a variety of family morning prayers that can help your family get into the habit of praying together.

Praying together as a family is a great way to grow closer together as a family while also growing closer to God in the process. 

In just a few short minutes each day, your family can stand before the throne of the Almighty Father and bring your needs to him.

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Why Are Family Morning Prayers so Important

Family morning prayers are important because they set the day up for success.  Think of morning prayers as a way of putting everyone on the right path for the rest of the day. 

By focusing on God together as a family, each family member will be more likely to turn to God throughout the rest of the day. 

Above all else, God wants a relationship with each of his children.  By praying together as a family, you help your family members strengthen their personal relationships with God. 

You also strengthen your overall family unit by putting Christ at the center of your family.

Family Morning Prayers

Today, we will explore some simple morning prayers to help your family start the day with God. 

These prayer points address specific scenarios your family might be facing and can help you pray about your family’s needs.

God is pleased when we start the day with him, and he is eager to help us navigate the ups and downs of our days. 

Hopefully, these prayers will be a springboard for you to continue praying according to your family’s specific needs for years to come. 

Family Morning Prayers 1

Family Morning Prayer for Family Protection

As your family heads into the world, pray that God will protect each member of the family.  God is our ultimate source of protection and provision, and he promises to go with us into every situation.

Many children need the peace of knowing that God goes with them to school and is protecting them from evil. 

Adults also need God’s protection throughout the day.  Pray the following short family morning prayer for God to protect each member of your precious family.

Dear Lord, thank you that you go before us into this day.  You already know what this day holds, and nothing will surprise you.  Thank you for the peace we find when we stand on this promise. 

Please protect us from harm, guard our hearts, minds, and bodies, and guide us through every situation we face.  Amen.

Family Morning Prayers 2

Good Morning Family Prayer

God is pleased when we simply thank him for the gift of life and a new day.  Every good thing in our lives—including the gift of a new day—is a gift directly from the hand of God.

Begin your day by thanking God for his gifts, and your whole family will cultivate thankful hearts throughout the rest of the day.  Here is a good morning prayer to God to thank him for the new day. 

Father God, we thank you for your unconditional love for us.

Thank you for the gift of this new day and the opportunity to join your work in the world around us.  Please help us to exude your love and kindness wherever we go, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.   

Family Morning Prayers 3

Family Morning Prayer to be Led by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our Counselor, Comforter, and Guide in life.  The Holy Spirit gently convicts us when we stray away from God and shows us how to act in certain situations.

The Holy Spirit also gives us wisdom and discernment, two gifts we all need when we go into the world.  Here is a prayer to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Dear God, thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to lead us and speak to us. 

Please help us to stay in step with the Holy Spirit throughout this day.  Enable us to be attentive and obedient to the Spirit’s voice as you guide us in wisdom and truth.  Amen.

Family Morning Prayers 4

Family Morning Prayer for God’s Presence to Guide Your Family

Praying for God’s presence to guide your family is a powerful morning prayer.  God’s guidance is essential if we want to walk in the right direction and honor him with our lives.

Many forces come at each of us every day.  Some of these forces aim to lead us away from God, in the wrong direction. 

We can pray that God’s presence will be our guide and that we will listen to his voice.

O Lord, you know how easy it is for us to veer off of your perfect path for our lives. 

Please help us to stay in tune with you and follow only your guidance.  Help us to become more aware of your presence with us so that you can guide our words, attitudes, and actions.  Amen.

Family Morning Prayers 5

Family Morning Prayer for Good Health

Praying for good health is important as we head out into the world.  Praying for good health includes praying for God to protect us from injury and illness. 

We can also pray that God will heal us from any illnesses and injuries that are wearing on us.

God wants to provide for us in these ways, and the following prayer for good health starts the day in the right direction.

Lord God, thank you for the gift of our bodies.  Today, we ask you to protect our bodies and bless us with good health. 

Strengthen our immune systems to fight off viruses and other germs and protect us from injuries. 

In the name of Jesus, we ask you to heal any illnesses and injuries we are currently dealing with—for your glory.  Amen. 

Family Morning Prayers 6

Family Morning Prayer for Difficult Times

Is your family in the middle of a difficult season

God loves your family, and he wants to be your source of strength and comfort during this time.  He promises that he will never leave you or abandon you (see Deuteronomy 31:6).

The following short morning prayer can encourage your family members when you are facing a trial or a storm in life.

Lord God, thank you that you are bigger than any storm we will ever face. 

Thank you that you have promised never to leave us or abandon us.  Help us to put our trust in you and run to you during this difficult time.  Please uphold us, comfort us, and sustain us.  Amen.

Family Morning Prayers 7

Family Morning Prayer for Good Relationships With Others

God is love.  Because he is the source of all love, he also wants us to live in loving, thriving relationships with others. 

Whether you are praying for children or adults in your family, the following prayer will uplift the relationships in your lives.

Dear Father, thank you for being the source of all love in this world. 

We ask you to bless our relationships and shine your favor upon them.  Help us to have healthy, flourishing relationships with our friends, teachers, bosses, coaches, and other family members.  Amen.

Family Morning Prayers 8

Family Morning Prayer for God’s Provision

God is our loving provider, and he promises to give us what we need for each day.  He loves his children and wants to meet our needs.

If your family needs God’s provision today, the following family prayer can help you turn to him and trust in him to provide for your needs.

Gracious God, thank you for the promise that you will provide our daily bread. 

We ask you to meet our physical needs today and uphold us with your righteous right hand.  Sustain us, provide for us, and carry us through this day.  Amen.

Family Morning Prayers 9

Family Morning Prayer for Peace of Mind

Is anyone in your family feeling worried, anxious, or fearful?

Most of us face these emotions at times, and these emotions are not sinful.  God wants us to draw near to him with our worries and fears.  He wants to fill us with his peace.

Here is a prayer for God’s peace of mind to cover everyone in your family today.

O God, you can see every worry and fear in our minds today.  We ask you to replace our anxiety, worries, and fears with your peace. 

Lead us in the way of your unfailing love and set our feet on the secure foundation of your love.  We cast our cares on you and trust you to give us peace.  Amen. 

Family Morning Prayers 10

Family Morning Prayer for Wise Decisions

As your family unit goes into the world today—perhaps together or perhaps in different directions—God wants to help you make wise decisions. 

Best of all, he promises to give wisdom to all who ask for it (see James 1:5).

The following prayer can help everyone in your family to make wise decisions today.

Almighty God, thank you for being the Father of all wisdom.  We ask you to guide us in our decision-making today. 

Help us to honor you with every choice we make and lead us in making wise decisions that will bring you glory.  Amen.

Family Morning Prayers 11

Family Morning Prayer for God’s Grace to Abound

God imparts his grace when he works in our lives to accomplish what we cannot do in our human strength.  We all need God’s grace every day of our lives!

The best news of all is that God takes great delight in sharing his grace with us.  Here is a prayer for God’s grace.

Lord God, thank you that you are the God of all grace.  We ask you to impart your grace on each member of our family today and help us to do what we could not do in our human strength. 

Help us to be kind when we feel like being rude, help us work hard when we want to give up, and more.  Thank you for your grace, Lord.  Amen.

Family Morning Prayers 12

Family Morning Prayer to Cultivate Grateful Hearts

Nurturing gratitude is a vital part of good mental health.  The more we give thanks, the healthier we become. 

Lead your family in thanking God for several of his gifts each morning.  You might begin with this prayer:

God, thank you for the gift of a new day!  Thank you for the possibilities in front of us! 

Please help us to embrace your gifts today and notice every small gift you give to us, from songbirds to smiles from friends.  Amen.

Praying together as a family is a wonderful way to start the day.  Beginning the day by acknowledging God and thanking him for his goodness sets up the whole day for blessings and success.

12 Powerful Family Morning Prayers

God longs for a relationship with each of his children, and when we draw near to him in prayer as families, he fills us with his love. 

He hears our cries, pours out his Holy Spirit, and answers our prayers in his perfect timing. 

Are you looking for some tools and tips to boost your prayer life? If so, be sure to visit our Prayer Resources Library where you’ll find everything you need to become a powerful prayer warrior!

Find a consistent time to pray as a family each morning, and this habit can change your life. 

You will soon find that your thoughts are drawn to God often throughout the day, even until the end of the day. 

Most of all, these prayers can lead you to the heart of your heavenly Father, help you trust him, and fill you with deeper peace and joy.  God is waiting to hear from you.  Why not start this new routine today?

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